Five Stars! These books are great! Clear, easy to understand, very helpful for a novice rider like myself. Thank you!” – Nae, 5* Amazon Review, Book 3

“Love Them! I have all three books. Written so that you can understand and utilize all the info!!! Great Job.” – G. Farm, 5* Amazon Review, Book 3

Easy To Read And Understand. Great explanation on a difficult subject. My riding lessons suddenly went better after reading this book.” – Donna J. Reynolds, 5* Amazon Review, Book 2

“An excellent guide book to riding. Keep it at the barn. This is an excellent book for beginners and intermediate riders of any discipline. Dressage is about finding balance in ourselves and for our horses. Kathy gives simple, spot-on descriptions of reader direction and then completes them with exercise and a REASON for doing them.” – Barbara Progress, 5* Amazon Review, Book 1







Meet The Author

Kathy Farrokhzad is the owner and writer of the popular equestrian blog, She is an Equine Canada Certified coach and has been teaching riders and their horses for over twenty years, working steadily on the fundamentals of dressage and helping riders improve their basic skills regardless of discipline or horse breed.

With riding backgrounds encompassing western performance, endurance riding and competitive trail, natural horsemanship, and most prominently, dressage, she has developed into a well-rounded and open-minded equestrian, always in search of more learning! She brings all that experience to her teaching and writing.

Her experience as a professional school teacher enables her to use teaching strategies that present information in a step-by-step, clear manner that clarifies and instructs. Readers regularly comment on how she can describe riding concepts in  clear language that is easy to understand.

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