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Become A More Effective Rider: These articles are focused on the rider: techniques, strategies, plans, and all things dedicated to rider improvement. 

Spotlight On The Rider's Aids: This is a special section just about the riding aids. 

Exercises For The Horse: These articles are devoted to practical ideas for your ride, designed to help you develop your horse.

For The Love Of The Horse: Find all kinds of fun reading in this section, from poems to short narratives to interesting musings.

Succeed At The Horse Show: This is for all of you who show or compete with your horses.

Understand The Why: This is last, but definitely not least. Understanding why you do things in riding is almost as critical (or arguable, even more important) than learning the actual riding skills.


  1. “How Do You Develop “Feel” in Horseback Riding” is my favorite because it was what lead me to this site in the very beginning…I was seeking definitions of “feel”, to give words to this indescribable sense…. found exactly what I was needing and have returned for every article since, often passing your thoughts on to friends who find wisdom is the words. Thank you!

  2. As an older rider who has returned to “the barn” after way too long, I find that my enthusiasm is greater than it ever has been. Your blog is my bible. I copy most of the articles for my binder that I read and re-read. Great tools, advice, and sensibility throughout each. Thank you. G.S. Tidewater, Virginia

  3. Ive just looked at the visitors map, wow! I love horse listening, there are not many days that can go by before Im back on here. Thank you, you are amazing. 🙂

  4. I love your site and all the tips. I wonder though if there is a search engine to help find topics? Example – I have ‘lost’ the transition articles and wanted to search for them. Can you tell me the quickest way to relocate them?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Deb,
      Yes, there’s a search bar on the sidebar of the site if you’re using a computer, or at the top of the page on a mobile. It works well. If you plug “transitions” in there, they should all come up.

      Thanks so much for reading, and glad to know the articles are helpful. Let me know how things go with the transitions series if you do try them out.

  5. Do you have any articles that address rider physical limitations?

    I have Parkinson’s Disease. As a result, my left leg is not as strong or coordinated as the right. I especially have trouble correctly using left leg cues at the lope. When I have to struggle to use the left leg to give a cue, I am thrown off balance, which causes more problems. I end up being very focused on what my left leg can’t do.

    I think I need to focus on using more seat aids. I have always ridden western, and have not used a lot of seat aids.

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