Love Of The Horse Listening

8 Ways To Help Your Horse Achieve His Highest Potential: Regardless of what we want to do with our horses, our first responsibility is always to the horse.

17 Wise Reflections - Straight From The Horse's Mouth! My horse, Annahi, is full of words of wisdom for those horses around her who are willing to listen.

Eight Legs Plus Two: A poem.

Top 6 Reasons Why Horse Lovers Love the Earth: Caring for and riding horses must be among the most earth-dependent activities left to us (aside from farming and other such activities).

42 Ways to Learn, Play and Grow With Your Horse: Horses give to us in countless ways. We play, learn and grow with them, making horseback riding not merely a sport (which it truly is, like no other), but so much more.

Good Day For A Little Horseplay: Snort, snort, snort, SNORT! My gelding couldn’t tell me in any clearer terms how much he was enjoying the moment.

The Night Before Christmas: A heartwarming barn version written by Doris Elradi.

Why the End of the World Didn’t Happen – According to My Horse: Although we are a seemingly quiet and complacent herd, we are nevertheless of good wit and sound mind, especially when it comes to the matters of nature.

Horse Treats For Christmas: Bake these horse-approved treats for every equine in your barn!

Living in Flying Changes: I wrote this short poem after a wonderfully exhilarating night ride.

Caught: A short piece of horsey fiction.

Moment of Beauty: Caught in the moment and recognizing it.

A Song and My Very Own Chestnut Mare: You will find me bristling at the suggestion that chestnut mares are unworthy.

An Ode to Kayla Queen – As She Turns 30: Happy 30th birthday, dear Kayla, the exhilarating horse with a never-ending zest for living!

The Top 8 Perks of Horse Keeping: Here are a few positives that keep us going when everyone else is enjoying their leisure time.

Because of Horses: What has changed in your life because of horses?

With Thanks to Hickstead: Hickstead was the little horse that could. In fact, he really could, better than any other horse in the world.

A Recipe for Living: If life were a recipe, what would it look like?

Softly Determined – A Poem: I found this one on the Internet long ago, with no indication of the author. However, it has stayed with me, blending intensity with passion, being so eloquent and yet knowledgeable about the “path”.

Starting to Breathe Again: Written before Hickstead’s untimely passing, this post described what it felt like to watch his $1 million CN International winning round.

Top 10 Ways to Reward Your HorseA happy horse is a willing partner, and many horses will give everything they have if they feel your acknowledgement and generosity of spirit.

Speaking “Horse” (a.k.a. “Pushing the Envelope”): Horses send messages out as much as humans do. Once you know how to listen to your horse, a whole world of communication can open up for you.

20 Ways Horse Riding Becomes Life Itself: You could say that horses are our teachers. Not only do we grow in terms of physical ability, but perhaps even more so, we grow in character.

What Responsible Horse Ownership Really Means: We need to keep in mind that horses are prey animals and long-time domesticated livestock. If we listen well enough, we discover that what we think of as giving might not be what the horses truly need.

5 Life Lessons From Horses: How can horses help us grow and develop in our own lives?