2016 was our fifth anniversary! 

In celebration, we put together the best of the best into one beautiful little book.

We commemorated the event by compiling the top 20 most popular articles from the blog, covering topics such as:
- rider position (hands, seat, legs, elbows, upper body)
- improvement of the rider's aids (kicking, inside rein, outside rein)
- and more!



From the book:

Five years seem like just a blink. And then it also feels like so much has happened in the meantime.... One thing I do know is that this blog has become a part of my lifestyle in the same way the horses have. It is more of a way of being rather than just a hobby. I do know that I will keep writing, riding, sharing and listening – because “horse listening” is really what it’s all about, for me.

With thanks for reading and being part of the Horse Listening journey.

The Best Of The Best
20 of the top Horse Listening articles of all time! Combined, they have over a million views!
Yours To Keep!
Available in paperback or immediate digital download. Now you can take these tips straight to the barn!
Practical and Conceptual
This booklet is chock-full of the top Horse Listening information that has stood the test of time. Read about rider's aids, training tips and detailed explanations.
* Dear long-time Horse Listening readers: The top 20 articles are combined here into one booklet. Most of these articles have been published in other books in the Horse Listening Collection. You may want to purchase this booklet if you'd like them all in one place.


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