Use this hands-on guide to create your own personalized, structured and organized horse riding goals. Track your progress for a complete year.

Formulate Your Goals
Learn about what rider improvement really means and the theory behind setting realistic, achievable goals.
Plan Over Time
Create your own annual and monthly goals. Complete journal style weekly reflections and special event notes.
Reflect And Evaluate
Keep track of your progress over the year. Adjust and change as necessary.

Stop Riding Aimlessly, Day After Day, Week After Week!

Have you fallen into a rut, stuck doing the same thing ride after ride?
Maybe you feel like you can't challenge yourself or your horse.
Or maybe you have lost sight of setting goals and are floundering in your learning, trying one new skill, seeing little difference, and then hopping onto the next bandwagon skill.
Although auditing clinics or watching videos is always helpful, what will really help is something to help you set and track your own personal progress.

Everything you need to keep track of the little steps and big milestones is here:

- What rider improvement really means
- The theory behind setting positive, realistic goals
- Set S.M.A.R.T. goals as they relate to horses and riding
- Long term planning
- Short term planning
- Journal style weekly entries
- Special event debriefs


Goal Setting For The Equestrian: A Personal Workbook is a guided planner that will help you devise your individualized goals and milestones. Fill in the pages as you chart your progress over the course of a year......Click here to buy the paperback version!

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