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Have you ever wished your horseback riding lessons could come with a user manual? Do you feel that you could serve your horses better as a rider if you only know how and what to do?



From the writer of the popular Horse Listening blog comes a new collection of one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities of all time: horseback riding.

Reader Review for Horse Listening – The Book

“I love Kathy’s blog so I knew that I wanted her book as soon as it came out! I find myself rereading different sections as I am in different “phases” of my riding. I highly recommend this read for any equine enthusiast!” – Cdh, Amazon Five Star Review

Would you like to be the rider that all horses dream of?

By following simple, useful exercises, you will be able to develop a better understanding about many topics including:

- the rider’s aids

- the use of the seat

- the half-halt

- accurate turns and circles

- transitions

- horse ownership and horse care

- goal setting for the rider

- rein lameness

… and much more!

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Three collections of Horse Listening articles neatly wrapped up into beautiful paperback books.

 Or go digital and order your own Kindle version to read and re-read over time.

Print versions of the books are available internationally.  

** Additional charges (such as duty) may apply. **


  1. These couple of articles really apply to me now. My question is: if I have sent wrong signals to my horse with hand feeding treats or letting him nuzzle my back when I am bent down grooming him….. Is it too late to stop my behavior to change his? (I’ve had him just under a year).

  2. Hi Kathy

    I absolutely love every article you post! I’m pretty much a pleasure rider, but I ride enough to know that my horse and I could be doing things in the ring that would benefit both of us immensely. Just about everything you post is truly something we could work on. Now that you have 2 books available, I am wondering if they are sequential? Would it be better for me to start out with Book 1 and work towards Book 2? Or are they equally relevant to all stages and experience in riding?



    1. Hi Nora,

      Thanks so much for your kind comments, here and on FB. The books are not sequential, so you could really start with either. The second one has more of a training focus on horse and rider, so most of the chapters have some sort of practical component. The first book has more philosophical-based chapters, more on the fundamentals and “method behind the madness” of riding. But I also included some practical advise in that one too.

      Here are the links – click on the “look inside” button and you can see the chapter names for each and make a more informed decision,.

      Book 1 –

      Book 2 –

  3. When I was a young girl, maybe about 15, my dad and I met a friend of his at our county fairgrounds. The friend has several “race horses” he kept in the stables there on the grounds. He saddled one up and put me on it. He sent me out to the track and told me to hang on and let him run. Don’t know about being in a full gallop or not, but I will never forget that day I flew without wings.

  4. I have bought both of Kathy’s books. What I love about Kathy’s articles and books is that she has a gift for , first of all – remembering what she didn’t know at the beginning, and secondly – for being able to DESCRIBE a feeling that you are looking for. These books and blogs fill a gap that our wonderful instructors simply don’t have the time to explain during a riding lesson. Being a cerebral learner, I find it very helpful to practice looking for these feelings in my mind and then discovering that feeling when I ride. I especially love her finishing paragraphs that tell us WHEN we have found IT.

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