I'm thrilled to announce the winners of the Goal Setting For Equestrians eBook Giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated in the comment section. I enjoyed reading through everyone's goals for the upcoming year. The whole time, I was thinking - Yes! I need to do that too! 🙂
They say that any goal you set can be accomplished by creating new habits. So after you set your riding or ground work goals for 2019, think about changing and/or creating new habits that will help you achieve each goal. Goal achievement has everything to do with practice and consistency (check out the Horse Listening Practice Sessions for lots of that!).
Here are the five New Year Giveaway winners. The names were randomly drawn - all the comments (entries) you left on the blog were included. Please send me a quick email if you have won at fwdnrnd@gmail.com
Elaine Barnett

My goal for 2019 is to work on my bending and keeping my horse properly round in accurate circles, with no straight edges.

carol lukasek

Develop a light following see by learning to sit the trot really well!


June Brewer

This year my riding goal is to get clean changes . . . and learn to count them properly! They have been a challenge for both Roo and me so it’s time to make them happen. 🙂

Ingrid Kristin Henry

My goal is for me and my mare to learn flying changes this year. We have been working 3rd level for over a year and have competed at 2nd getting mid-60’s, but she is inconsistent at getting the changes in her hind end with my trainer and I’ve never gotten a clean change from her. Ideally, I would love to compete at 3rd level and get my bronze medal too, but the training is more important to me than competing. Most important to me is continuing to build our positive relationship together and learning to be a better rider and horsewoman! I’ve had her since she was a yearling and it’s been a long journey but so very rewarding!

HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1
Gaye Kapkin

Love reading your posts Horse Listening. Looking forward to more enjoyable reads in the new year and translating what I’ve picked up from reading into workouts with the girl. Best wishes for a healthful, happy and prosperous new year to Horse Listening and all your readers. 😊

Horse Listening

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Now is the time to re-evaluate your goals and path to riding success!

Goal Setting For The Equestrian
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