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Well, it's that time of year to take stock of where we've been and where we're going. We had another action-packed year here at Horse Listening, launching and then building on the new Practice Sessions program. It has been met with great reviews and Premium members are seeing success with their horses, trying out the exercises and joining in on the conversation in our private Facebook community. We're now into our sixth month and the program has blossomed from just exercise videos to audio Q & As, audio downloads of all the videos, mini e-books, demo videos and much more! 

Horse Listening Book 4
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Then, we were thrilled to introduce our Horse Listening Book 4: 20-Minute Exercises To Add Variety To Your Rides just before the end of the year. The pre-order period is now over, but keep an eye out for the official book launch, scheduled on or about December 29th. The digital version will be sent out to everyone who pre-ordered on December 29th.


OK, let's get to the top 10 articles of 2018. These are the most widely read articles, my dear horse listeners, and they really do represent some of the best I've written over the years. I was surprised to note that this year, the top 10 articles range from one written in 2018 all the way back to the first year of the blog, 2011. This is interesting, because most years, the newest articles get read the most. This year, the articles seemed to be more diversely read. And some of the oldies are still very goodies! 

Without further ado... <drumroll, please...> Just click on the image to read.

HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1








The Benefits of Cantering Round and Round the Ring



One Simple Way to Quiet Your Hands While Riding Horses



5 Ways To Be A Confident Horse Rider



An Awesome Over-The-Back Suppling Warm-Up At The Walk



9 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses



To The 50+ Year-Old Horse Rider



How to Halt Without Pulling on the Reins



The #1 Rider Problem: The Outside Rein!



7 Essential Aids For An Epic Canter Transition 



“Inside Leg To Outside Rein” – The Cheat Sheet

I started this blog "back in the day," when blogs were blogs and people wrote them for passion and for the love of the horse. In the good ol' days, the bloggers I read were intent on sharing for the purpose of information exchange, opening conversation, "listening" to comments from readers, and basically, doing it for fun and for free.

That was my mission from the get-go, in any case.

While I've now published books and started the membership site (which all help me to afford the new and the old on the website), my mission for the blog has not changed, even as the whole blogging environment has morphed around me. I will continue to share what I know right here on the blog, week in and week out. I love hearing from you, love the encouragement you send my way through likes, shares, and comments, and I especially love getting to know some of you and your horses personally, across unlimited miles.

Here's to much more of the same as we head into 2019. The sky is the limit!

Happy New Year!

Kathy & Cyrus

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