Horse Listening Practice Sessions

Well, it's been long in development and mentioned several times over the past years, and now, I can finally say...

The Practice Sessions are ready to go!

I've had many blog readers contact me about how I might be able take the blog to the "next level." So while the articles are there for all to access and read, they don't (and honestly, they can't) get into the nitty gritty HOW of everything. In order to do that, I need more space, more effort, and even a different platform than a blog.

When I teach my own in-person students, I can give them all the details they need for each exercise. I can structure the lesson and add theory into the mix as we go. I've been doing the Practice Sessions informally for the past 10 years, creating them, then evaluating them for effectiveness, and then refining them as various students and horses gave me feedback. So when I first envisioned the Practice Sessions, my intention was to do something similar over the Internet.

The Practice Sessions are whiteboard videos that combine several figures and movements in specific order to improve a certain aspect of riding. It might be to help with quicker and clearer transitions. It might help develop left and right suppleness, or improve hind end engagement or overall balance. Often, one Practice Session can impact more than one area of development for both the horse and the rider.

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HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1

To top it off, I have ridden ALL the Practice Sessions myself  with several different horses, including my own.

I have taught them to riders at different levels, riding all types of horses at different levels.

Then I put them together into detailed videos.

The videos are not your typical watch a rider/horse go through their paces scene. These videos are carefully planned and drawn out whiteboard animations. You'll get details, explanations and clear theory. You'll hear about common problems and solutions. The videos will help you develop the very basics of your riding and the quality of movement of your horse.

You'll get new Practice Sessions twice a month.

But then I realized that I needed to add more than just these exercises. There's so much more that I can offer over the Internet, that would support the Practice Sessions and make it more of a complete program. So here are some added bonuses:

  • Quality of Movement Exercises (improve things such as better impulsion, hind end use, energy over the back, "connection")
  • Once A Month Progress Email (you can let me know how things are going and ask specific questions)
  • Resources From The Blog (so you don't have to go searching yourself)
  • Downloadable Cheat Sheets For The Practice Sessions (so you can print them off and take them with you to the barn for easy reference)
  • Groundwork Sessions (twice a month to add that all-important groundwork dimension to your regular riding routine)
  • Q & A Audios (for when we have a bunch of questions so they can be answered clearly and for everyone's benefit)

Two More Bonuses

The Private Facebook group allows all of us to stay connected through one platform. We have an active, encouraging and supportive group of riders who share successes and ask questions. I share ongoing tips, comments, goal setting exercises, and much more through the group, as well as answer specific questions.

Then there's a Remote Coaching feature (at extra cost) that you can use if you want detailed, specific feedback on you and your horse. You can share videos and pictures, and we can chat live through Facebook Messenger or even do a phone or video call through WhatsApp.


Photo Credit: NBanaszak Photography

The Practice Sessions registration is now open!

To thank you for your readership, I wanted to let you know right here on the blog so you can have first access to the limited-time Introductory pricing, which will be available for two weeks only (until July 15th). Even if prices go up, you will keep your price point so long as you stay a member.

Finally, thank you for your readership, and for the years of encouragement through the Horse Listening blog and now onto the new pastures of the Practice Sessions!

Wishing you years and years of happy Horse Listening!

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