Dear Readers,

My human-mom has this unbreakable habit of singing songs (out loud!) while she rides. I think it's because of the incredible acoustics of the indoor arena - she must think she's on stage or something. But it got me thinking about creating a song of my very own, extra special for you on Valentine's Day.

Once you know the words, maybe you might want to sing along with me. It's sung to the tune of If You're Happy And You Know It.

With Love, Cyrus

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A Horsey Valentine's Song 


I hear your car before you even park,

Out beside the barn down on the slope.

I know you're coming by the pitter-patter of your steps

And the clanging of the snap on the lead rope.


I lift my head and perk my pointy ears

I twist my neck just so and strain to see.

I hear it's Valentine's Day and so I lick my lips and chew,

Anticipating the treats you've brought for me.


You lead me down the lane back to the barn.

You pick my feet and brush my glossy coat.

You fluff my mane and tail, sprinkle me with smelly spray

All the while, I dream of munching on my oats.




The saddle's on and next you wrap my legs.

The bridle's set and we're going for a ride.

I thought I made it clear, you were going to be a dear

And spoil me with all the treats that you supplied.


So we're off and trudging through the knee deep snow,

The air is crisp, the sky a clear bright blue,

As we walk along the path, I consider the aftermath,

Of what will happen if I run back home with you.

The sun is low, it's time we turn around.

The barn is warm, the stall calls out my name.

There's a delicious smell inside, my excitement I cannot hide!

It's a happy Valentine's Day all the same!


Horse Listening

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HL Five Years
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