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A year gone by already? So hard to believe! 

It's been an active horsin' around year for me personally, and I've been happily sharing new posts on the blog regularly. Taking a look at the articles from this year, I can see that while I still have some "fun" articles and some horse "listening" types of posts, I've moved more and more into writing about the rider, the aids, how to become a more effective rider (and listen to the horse while riding), and patterns to help develop the rider and the horse's specific skills. 

The Practice Sessions are taking on more shape and I'm almost ready to present them. I've been working on developing a repertoire of patterns but as I got more and more into it, I realized that there should be much more to the Practice Sessions than just the patterns. As soon as I'm ready to proceed, I will share updates with the people on the Practice Sessions Pre-Launch list. If you want to be included, go here and sign up. You'll be the first to hear the news.

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Thank you for being part of another fantastic Horse Listening year. Here are the top 10 articles by number of views, in backward order. 


One Simple Way to Quiet Your Hands While Riding Horses



Here’s How (And Why) You Should Ride With Bent Elbows



When Good Riding Instruction Becomes Great



How to Halt Without Pulling on the Reins



The #1 Rider Problem: The Outside Rein! – Sponsored by



“Inside Leg To Outside Rein” – The Cheat Sheet



7 Essential Aids For An Epic Canter Transition 



Dear Adult-With-Many-Responsibilities Horse Person



To The 50+ Year-Old Horse Rider

... and the Number One article of 2017...


9 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses

Horse Listening

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