christmas gifts for the horse-obsessed personTake it from me - EVERY horse obsessed person in your life secretly hopes that either you or Santa will give her something to feed her obsession passion. It can honestly be almost anything to do with horses. But there are certain things that only those "in the know" would get that would truly make for a meaningful gift. And they're not always the big-wrapped-box kind of presents.

1. (More) Riding Lessons: Well, if you don't know this already, let me explain it to you. We horse riders are forever learners. There's really no such thing as not taking lessons, no matter how many years we've been in lessons. In fact, the only thing that can probably keep us from taking more lessons is money. So if you have a chance, head out to your rider's stable and top up the lesson credits! Add an extra lesson a week, or tack them on to the end of the session.

2. Horsey Calendar: Don't worry - they can never have enough of those. Even if we get other calendars this year, we will always find a place to put yours up. It helps if your calendar is more specific than the usual "over the counter" calendars you can find at the mall. If you go to a tack store, you'll likely find discipline-specific calendars, quotable quotes calendars (taken from the masters of yore), really and truly funny horse calendars, or ones with the images of the current international stars.

3. Ticket to Watch a World-Renowned Clinician: There seems to be more and more high-profile international riders/trainers heading over to this side "of the pond," as they say. Meaning - we get to witness our own local aspiring top riders take lessons with some of the highest profile trainers from the world over. You have to understand that to us horse people, having a chance to see them in action is something akin to getting tickets to the coolest music concert!

4. Riding Boots: There are so many styles to choose from that it would be helpful if you went with your person in tow for this one. Even if she already has a few boots to pick from, she will likely have a special pair she'd love for certain riding occasions. Like the "clinic boots," the "show boots," the everyday boots, the winter boots... you see what I mean.

HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1

5. Name Plate Leather Halter: This one is perfect for the horse owner (or part boarder or regular lesson student who rides one horse). There is nothing nicer than having a special halter for that special horse.

6. An annual subscription to a horse magazine. While we are spending more and more time finding the information we need on the Internet, there is nothing nicer than a full-color glossy magazine arriving at your door on a monthly basis.

7. Horse TreatsPreferably home made!

8. Reading Gifts From Horse Listening:

It has always been our mission to share clear, concise information, for free on the blog, year round. However, readers wanted physical books that they could hold in their hands, take to the barn, and write notes into. Thus, our book collection was born. 

Horse Listening Book 4
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*Update! The new Horse Listening Book 4 is scheduled to be launched on Dec. 29th! Pre-order your own digital copy now for only $9.99.




Horse Listening Book Collection
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The Horse Listening Book CollectionThere are three books in this collection, combining some of the best posts from the blog. It's like having the blog in your hands, bound into beautiful paperback books. Your rider can refer to these tips again and again as she travels through her riding journey. These are learning, inspiring, clarifying types of books!

Goal Setting For the Equestrian
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Goal Setting For The Equestrian: A Personal Workbook: One year, I was looking for a goal-setting book for myself that was specific to horseback riding. I searched and searched and found nothing. So I decided to make one myself that would meet my needs as a rider. This book is unique in that it includes not only the rider's goals, but the horse's as well - because there can't be real progress without including both members of the team.


Five Years Of Horse Listening
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Five Years Of Horse Listening: For our fifth anniversary, we compiled a small book of the top 20 articles on the blog to that point. You'll find the best of the best in this book. 



After looking the above list over again, I have come to a sudden realization. When it really comes down to it, I'm sure that the horse-lover in your life is pretty happy with nothing more than... a visit with her horse, of course!

Horse Listening

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