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Dear Reader,

It's hard to believe, but the Horse Listening Facebook page is less than 100 likes away from 20,000! 

I would never have thought that my little blog idea would  grow into something this fabulous! It's all because of you, dear reader, who comes back time and again to read the musings I post on the blog. Thank you for your likes, comments, suggestions - and for reading!

I'd love to celebrate with a random giveaway of 5 digital copies of Goal Setting For The Equestrian: A Personal Workbook. Since we're coming on to the new year, I thought you might find this workbook timely and appropriate! Goal Setting For The Equestrian

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All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments below:

What is something you and your horse are good at?

  • The deadline is 12 am (midnight) on the day that the Facebook page reaches 20,000 likes! We are only 98 likes away at the time of writing this, so enter quickly, as it may happen within the next few days!
  • Only one entry per person.
  • The draw is completely random.
  • Be sure to enter using the comment section for this post. Facebook comments will not be eligible for the draw! Winners will be announced the next day right here on the blog. I will write a new blog post with the winner's comments and names. Make sure you come back to check for winners on the blog or the Facebook page if you aren't already subscribed to the email list.
  • Winners will be required to contact me directly by email in order to receive their eBook.

Good luck, and thanks for Horse Listening!



  1. After a serious broken ankle last year, I’ve lost my confidence to get back to riding. As it’s still causing me problems I dare not take any risks (getting on and off the horse) but reading your articles give me the motivation to get started. Lots of ground work which will benefit me and my horses and take it slow……Thanks for all your information.

  2. Please enter me for the random draw. I am an enthusiastic equestrian even though I am not riding just now.

  3. We are good at communicating! Its taken us awhile to get in sync, but we are really progressing in our training and goals. Goal setting has helped tremendously. 😊

  4. Learning liberty, trying to get 3 horses to follow in a open area without running off. We learn what each other is thinking. I want to make up a routine doing liberty. 🙂

  5. We are good in canter movements! We are also good at learning from our mistakes! And we make plenty of them!

  6. Our partnership is so good that it is like we can read each other’s minds. Our transitions are effortless.

  7. Finn and I have only been a team for about 4 years now. He is my 50-year dream come true and will celebrate his 22nd birthday next spring. We are great at mid-life adventures of all kinds, and have a happy, healthy trust bond between us. We enjoy dressage and hunter paces the best.

  8. We are good at trusting each other. We have a lifetime of natural horsemanship together and she has benefitted from my lifetime of learning from my other horses. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly. She is a gift!

  9. 🙂 my girl is good at driving. and I know she will get me back in the saddle. after 20+ years of not riding.

  10. My horse and I are good at sharing special moments together. We enjoy each other’s company riding trails, meeting people and just hanging out in the pasture together.

  11. Harmonious medium trot. Love it when his spine is loose and his tail floats in a happy swing in time with the stride.

  12. Which horse?? Matt is my “Super Horse”…we have competed successfully in Showmanship, Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Trail & Reining…sidesaddle as well as astride…and he is “Lesson Horse Supreme”…he has helped me to teach many people how to ride & how to “feel” a horse.

  13. Honesty requires me to say that we are good at nothing. We both love and trust each other, we are extensively practiced at rising trot, and still (of course) working on our turns. Shoulder ins are getting better and better, but sitting trot and canter still need lots more work 🙂 🙂

  14. Reiki and I are competing in Ranch Riding and Extreme Cowboy sanctioned races (learning how to navigate obstacles at a fast rate loose reins and rating down without touching the face). My horse is race bred on the bottom side. The sport includes dressage, reining, cutting, roping, water, mounted shooting, archery, ground work, jumping, barrels, poles, riding barebacj at speed, roping horses, picking up double rider. Working Cowboy equitation with speed and lazer precision. Some of the worlds best riders compete at the world finals (international competitors). I am learning to ride at a full run and rate down to a canter with body position and voice. Learning to get a nice reining slide stop and spin. I need guidance on staying focused with a work system that allows for an organized way to go about teaching my horse these maneuvers while staying calm. We have improved 50%.

  15. Groundwork and hanging out with each other, she is almost 3 and will be started in the new year. Happy I found your blog through a friend, it keeps me motivated. Thanks.

  16. We are good at the mounting block. She can sidestep right up to me to hop on. A great way to start the ride with success.

  17. We are really good at sharing carrots! We are also good at patience and going slow. I was out of horses for two decades, and the horse is a huge, strong, almost-TB greenie who was sitting in the pasture for over two years getting thin and weak. So we took the last few months to just walk and trot slowly, increasing the mileage gradually, building muscle and fitness together. Canter transitions are still too wild and canter too strong, but we’ll get there eventually. We do a great leg-yield and wonderful small circles in walk and trot. Most importantly, we have learned to trust each other and have fun working together.

  18. After breaking a wrist on one hand and a bone in my other hand from a spook I am back on my school horse. It took 6 months of therapy and I have a plate, wires and screws in my wrist. I am now back riding and having a wonderful time. I am trusting my horse and he is trusting me. I am finally relaxed with him! I am a novice rider.

  19. We are good at understanding each other’s energy levels. I travel a lot for work and when I return, he understands my exhaustion (I ride even though beyond tired) and carries me safely. When his. Energy level is low, I work slowly until he develops his usual pep in his step.

  20. We are getting pretty adept at playing with Garrocha pole ! All 13 feet of it ! She loves doing the turns under & around & figure 8s what great little old Morgan mare she s !’

  21. Being good at working together to over come some major training obstacles. The last four months have brought my confidence back and made us a better team!!

  22. We are good at learning from one another. I am constantly learning from her and she is constantly learning from me.

  23. We are good at enjoying being together and now we’re good at learning how to do clicker training! I’m learning how to be a good clicker trainer while he’s already excellent at figuring out how to get the treats!

  24. Bud and I are really good at the long rein walk in a Dressage test. He stretches right down to the ground and still manages to keep an active swaying walk.
    I’m usually huffing and puffing up top trying to catch my breath for the next part of the test. 😀

  25. We are getting so much better at listening to each other and your blog has helped but we are best at sharing carrots.

  26. I just began horseback riding lessons, but I would say that Charlie and I have begun to communicate and understand eachother in a loving way. We are patient with each other as I learn how to be the best rider/groomer to him. I would love a copy of your workbook since I’m a beginner! I’m glad I’ve found your blog and site!

  27. Justice and I are learning each other- – he belongs to a friend who generously allows me to lesson on him since my horse passed on in August. Patience and ongoing communication are really beginning to flow!

  28. I am not really sure what we are good at. We are rebuilding trust after she bucked , I fell off and broke my hip, requiring surgery and several months of recovery. At 56 I am not as confident as I was at 49, when I bought her. She is not a steady Eddy, But we grow and learn, working on her moving in a relaxed manner, reaching into contact, rounding. Both of us learning to relax in our ride, really. And we are exploring liberty work and bonding in our relationship. We are getting better.

  29. Magic and I are good at taking care of each other. My hat blew off, hit her hip while doing a 20 meter free jog circle to the left in a Cowboy Dressage Challenge test. She did a flying side pass to the right as I reached down to pat her neck to let her know we were okay; she landed back into stride and we finished the test. Such a good girl!

  30. Sometime I find just taking the time to be with her, and not ask anything of her, to be the most rewarding — i know she appreciates it and it makes our bond stronger when it comes to working!

  31. We are good at being friends and trusting each other. My pony was shut down and didn’t trust when I got him. It’s taken 5 years but now we are a team and the best thing is he can now give kisses, something I didn’t realise he couldn’t do till he started doing it.

  32. I am riding my instructor’s horse three times a week. We are working on communicating with legs and seat for turning, etc. Trying to wean off using the reins too much.

  33. We are both learning dressage. I think we are both patient. If we don’t succeed the first time we try again.

  34. We are a good team. We do dressage to learn to listen and trust each other. We LOVE to ride trails together. I started to ride at 48 years of age. Bought my first horse at 51. She was a spitfire, but she’s calmed and now we ride and jump throughout the trails together in wonderful harmony! I’m 63 years young now! Thanks for all your tips and pointers. They have been helpful through the years.

  35. Our groundwork is really good and the great thing about it is that it’s really helped our riding communication! Yippee!

  36. We have wonderful discussions together. She is the best listener I know! We could all learn so much from them.

  37. Making me smile! “Zaney” Zane is truly in touch with his inner child and is much needed comic relief for his type -A girl! 🙂

  38. Gatling and I are very good at ground manners! We know that if we start the day with good ground manners, there’ll be good manners in the arena too, and an enjoyable ride for both of us 🙂
    (Thanks for such an awesome blog!)

  39. Hello. My ottb and I are good at trying. He is a sweet boy with a lot of try and is willing to be patient while I try to be a good rider and communicator. We try to go on adventures, clinics and outings and enjoy trying new things. I try to listen to what is is telling me. We try to be better partners and I try to ask with clarity. Thank you for Horse Listening.

  40. Lobo and I are good ‘horse’ ambassadors in our urban neighborhood and ride around town and visit with families with children.