Your canter departure doesn't have to be a rocket launch! 

These 7 steps help you set up your horse for a smooth, forward canter transition from trot.

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Now is the time to re-evaluate your goals and path to riding success!

If you’d like a structured, but personal tool to set goals, take a look our Goal Setting for the Equestrian: A Personal Workbook. The pages are designed for you to set and keep track of your progress over the course of a year.

Included in the book:

  • design your overarching goals
  • long- and short-term planning,
  • debrief your special events such as clinics or shows
  • reflect on, plan and evaluate your goals
  • sample goals and pages

The Workbook is available for instant digital download so you can print the pages right off your computer. There is also the option of a paperback version if you’d rather have a professionally bound book to hold in your hands.

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Goal Setting For The EquestrianRead more here:

12 Riding Quick Tips - #10: How To Canter Instead Of Just Trot Faster: Does your horse just go faster faster when you ask for the canter? Don't worry if it happens. Just know what to do, and work through the situation to improve the transition in the long term.

Wrong Canter Lead? 5 Ways To Fix ItDo you have trouble getting the "correct" lead when striking off into canter? It helps a lot if you know different ways to encourage the horse to strike off in the correct lead.

How To Improve YOUR Canter-Trot TransitionsWhat happens to you and your body when you head into a canter transition from a trot?

What Are The Leg Aids For Canter? A detailed breakdown of the aids for canter.

Use The "Canter-Trot" To Truly Engage The Hind EndEnergy from the hind end is the prerequisite for horse riding heaven and we all know that! We need to find out how to ask the horse to reach deeper underneath the body without throwing their weight to the forehand, and without speeding up the leg tempo.