Horse Life Coach
"Let me tell you about you."


At first, I wanted to say that your horse is your therapist. Let's face it - there are equine assisted therapy programs sprouting up rapidly these days, and for good reason. Interacting with horses really do teach people many things about themselves.

But then I realized horses do more than just that.

If you're lucky enough to have horses in your life on a regular basis, you will know that horses create opportunities that develop a person in every way possible. It's not just about the mental/emotional aspects, although those are certainly key areas that develop thanks to the horses. It's about everything.

So I considered the possibility that horses are more like life coaches. Life coaches help a person with every aspect of their lives - professional, physical, and personal goals. The list can be endless.

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Yes, horses will help you understand and improve more aspects about yourself than you could ever imagine.

If you're lucky enough to have a horse in your life, you will likely have examples of many of the following ways a horse can help you on your path toward self-improvement and growth:

  1. Gives a great hug (makes a great companion)
  2. Helps you focus on something NOW (takes your mind off everything else for a couple of hours)
  3. Gets you walking - in mud, dirt, gravel, sand (who gets to walk in sand on a regular basis?)
  4. Calms you down (as you pet/brush him)
  5. Kissable any time (!!)
  6. Improves core stability and balance
  7. Gives opportunity for weight lifting (carrying buckets and saddles)
  8. Helps you find like-minded friends
  9. Improves fine motor skills (buckles and more)
  10. Builds self-awareness (physical and emotional)
  11. Encourages life-long learning (and humility)
  12. Develops leadership skills
  13. Is the reason for life-changing opportunities (horse events, shows, rides, performances)
  14. Creates confidence (doing things you never thought you could)
  15. Encourages responsibility (take care of your horse first)
  16. Listens (for as long as you need to talk)
  17. Pushes you past your fears (keep working on personal bests)
  18. Teaches you to take feedback/advice from others
  19. Develops your perseverance and the satisfaction of a job well done
  20. Shares the natural world with you (on the trails, in the pasture)
  21. Invites quietness and reflection
  22. Teaches body language
  23. Is the reason behind setting lifelong dreams and goals - and helps you fulfill them

How has your horse enriched your life and taught you something about yourself? Comment below.

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  1. My mare bucks me off when I’m rude or too aggressive. At 71 I’m finally learning to calm down & not be such a bang wallop! It takes my warrior queen to put me in my place!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this article. I have been a horse owner for 18 years now and I know it has enriched my life in indescribable ways. The spiritual connection has been the most unbelievable. I’m 62 now and I know that my horse lifestyle has kept me young at heart and physically in so much better shape that I would be if my horses were not a part of my life.
    Retirement isn’t in the near future because I work to support my “habit”. It is so worth it especially when camping with my friends in some beautiful place and enjoying it on horseback with my four legged best friends.

  3. I have a very spooky horse!! Y am a very expierenced rider, dressage, jumping, endurance!! The other day he threw me, just walking….same road we take everyday!!…1 week at the hospital!…I love him and I know he loves me too!!…Y wonder if he has a trauma from the past?? Can I correct it? Or he will be always dangerous?? Y am 72….

    1. Hi Caro, I’ve had a spooky horse too for a long time. Sometimes, it’s just the horse and you’ll possibly need training help. But other times, there could be something going on that is more physical or mental. I’d recommend getting the vet in and going over all the symptoms you’re seeing. Try to break down the spooky moments. My horse ended up being INCREDIBLY sensitive to sounds. I thought there might be something wrong physically, but we checked everything we could think of. Now I have a number of strategies to help me ride through sounds (sometimes I won’t ride at all depending on the situation). Your safety is the most important thing!! Try to reduce risks.