*Based on a true story.

Backstory: Blustery spring day - snow in the morning, rain mid-day and sunshine-y evening with tree-bending wind gusts throughout. Horses inside during the day. Me coming into the barn for evening chores.

Me: Hi girls! Aren't you lucky to be inside on this weird weather day?

Horses: Heyyyyyyyyy.

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Horses: Blue sky... <sigh>

Horses: Oxygen... <deep breath>

Horses: Green grass! ... <yummy yummy>

Me: You want to go out? OK but...

Horses: Letusout! Letusout! Letusout!

Horses go out.

Me: (Cleaning stalls) Doo...doo...dooo....

Me: (Filling water buckets) Doo... doooo .... doooo

Me: (Preparing grain) Doo... dooo.... d

Horses: (Banging on gate) Heyyyyyyyyy!

Me: (Poking my head out of the barn doors) Hi!

Horses: Mud! ... <yuckk>

Horses: Windy .... <can barely keep our eyes open>

Horses: C-c-c-oldddd!

Me: ....

Horses: Letusin! Letusin! Letusin!

Me: .....

Horse Listening

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  1. Yup, the story is much the same here except the pastures are green, not mucky, but the weather is cold, the driving rain is relentless and the horses so eager to go out in the morning start asking to come back in way too soon 🙂 They all have shelters with hay nets within them but still their barn suggests a comfort from the elements that the shelter just doesn’t offer. Come on sunshine, we miss you!!