*Update on March 11, 2016

I just want to let you know that I am truly excited about the responses you are giving me in this Survey! I am especially overwhelmed by your amazing stories of how you are using the information of the blog, your feedback on what I've already done and the ideas you are giving me for future blog posts and books. I'm also enjoying getting to know more about your horses, your equine industry experience, and a bit about yourselves.

I'm going to leave the survey up for a few weeks, so if you haven't had a chance to respond and would like to, there is still time.

I am aware that the survey is NOT working for iPad and iPhones in the text form sections that require a keyboard to pop up (where you can actually give me personal feedback) and I am working with the provider to see if that can be corrected. You can either complete it when you have use of a computer (or any Android device does work) or simply send me an email directly.


HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1

I read everything even if I don't have time to give an immediate response.

Thank you for your ideas, feedback and encouragement!



What do you think of Horse Listening?

It's been quite a while since I've done a survey for Horse Listening readers, so I put this one together to virtually "meet you" and get to know more about you. Answer the questions that are relevant to you and skip those that are not.

The information collected by this survey is completely private and for my eyes only. Nothing will be shared with any third party. The results will not be shared with the blog readers or any other audience. It is only to serve as feedback for future planning purposes.

The survey will take 5-10 minutes of your time but the information will be invaluable for me as I plan out the articles, products and services for the coming years. Your contribution is very valuable to me.

Whether you do complete the survey or not, thank you for reading. I appreciate all your feedback, comments, likes, shares and messages. 

Kathy Farrokhzad,
Founder and Writer,
Chief Horse Listener

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  1. I was unable to fill in some of the survey answers as there wasn’t access to a keyboard !!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It does look like there’s an incompatibility with “i” devices unless they have the newest operating system. I’ve sent in a ticket request to see if this can be fixed somehow. I’ll let you know if I find anything out.