Thanks to everyone who participated in our 10,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway by writing down your goals for this coming year. I truly enjoyed reading everyone's comments about what they hope to do with their horses in the near future. 

Goal setting is going to be one of the topics I'm going to write about in the near future - the kind of goal setting that is dedicated to equestrians. I see so much out there for business or school goal setting, or changing your life goal setting, but not much is written about how to specifically set goals for riding or other horse projects. Keep an eye out - coming soon!

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My mare and I are working on using our bodies equally and getting her to round and come under with her hind legs naturally, versus hurrying forward with her head up and back hollow. She is a draft cross and heavy on the forehand. I also work on getting her to respond to light leg aids versus constant leg aids. My other mare is recovering (successfully) from a tear in a tendon, which has been an extremely slow process, stall rest for months, then hand walking, and now turnout (yay), with riding to follow. Fingers crossed!


I’m working on the eternal riding problem: tension. In particular, I’m learning to better control my own body to reduce creating tension in my gelding and to more quickly and quietly address his tension when it occurs