12363268_982076478529386_629174039256233140_oI did another Periscope video this morning. This time, I'm using Kayla and Annahi to demo what they look like in misty rain. I discuss my thoughts about how to blanket horses.

I'm enjoying Periscope for offering me a chance to let you actually see my horses live. I'm enjoying the opportunity to talk to you, but please keep in mind that a) I'm only learning how to use a camera and b) you see the horses "as-is" (muddy, getting wet and living life in their ordinary kind of day).

The video should be up till around 10am EST tomorrow and then it's gone. So if you have a chance, pop in to watch the replay.

There is a part 1 and part 2 because I think my phone crashed in the middle. But they work out fine together! (I'll work on the technical end of things)


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THE Blanket Rule For Blanketing Horses - Part 1

Blanketing continues - Part 2



    1. You can watch right on your computer, as long as you get the link in time. I’ll post here as soon as I can after doing the video so people have more time. This one has expired already! If you’re subscribed to the blog, you’ll get the post right in your email.

  1. Sorry i missed it too. I have questions about blankets, what kind is best if you choose not to blanket and want something to leave on for an hour after riding to dry up sweat and keep warm while coolling down and before returning to a box stall?

    1. You need a “cooler” for that. They are wool or fleece and soak up the heat and sweat. You can put them on immediately after you untack and can take it off a half hour or so later. If you want to leave it on your horse overnight, you can, but get one with leg straps so it doesn’t slide around on the horse. They’re great and help to soak up the moisture quickly.