I'm so excited to announce that the third book of the Horse Listening Collection is now online and available to purchase!

This book not only explains the why behind skills and strategies horse people use every day, but it also explains how to learn and apply the skills. The final section shares an introspective look at the impact horses make on our very lives. 

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Horse Listening - Book 3: Horses. Riding. Life.

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“I love Kathy's blog so I knew that I wanted her book as soon as it came out! I find myself rereading different sections as I am in different "phases" of my riding. I highly recommend this read for any equine enthusiast!” - Cdh, Amazon Five Star Review

From the writer of the popular Horse Listening blog comes a new compilation about one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities of all time: horseback riding.

In this third book of the Horse Listening Collection, Kathy Farrokhzad takes you on vivid “ride” through the three fundamental aspects of the sport: horses, riding and life. Thoughtful and practical, the tips and ideas will support your personal and riding goals so you’ll establish an even better relationship with your horse. 

40 chapters (196 pages) take the reader through an introspective journey designed to ultimately benefit not only the rider, but the horse. Learn about:

  • horse ownership and horse care
  • the theory behind the riding strategies
  • goal setting for the rider
  • specific rider skills

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Horse Listening – Book 3: Horses. Riding. Life. is available in both digital and print (paperback) versions.

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Both versions of the books are available internationally.  

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