I'm thrilled to let you know that Horse Listening is one of 13 award winners being given the awesome title of "Most Enriching Equestrian Blog of 2015" by the Animal Health Company, based out of the U.K.

It's so rewarding to be recognized as a top blog on the international scale, and especially being in the mix of the other high quality websites that "give you the resource, tips and insight to fully understand the world of horse riding and the equestrian lifestyle as we know it."

Trot on over and check out the other blogs that have also been recognized! 

Thank you so much for reading and commenting and making this blog such a great site. Looking ahead to new blog ideas as we ride on through 2015.

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Horse Listening

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  1. We all keep telling you how good it is ! You truly deserve the accolades !!congratulations

  2. Congratulations!! Horse Listening is a wonderful blog that addresses many problem areas in riding. I share my books and your posts with my students

  3. Wow! I’m so surprised!… Not! This is truly an amazing blog. Horses and riders the world over thank you for each and every post.

  4. I love this commentary. It is the most informative blog I have ever seen. I love reading it. I always learn and I have been dong this a long time. I am a rider /trainer/teacher and it helps me with every aspect.

  5. I knew it was just a matter of time before you started getting the recognition you deserve! Love your blog, love your books, looking forward to anything & everything you write! And we need to “do lunch” again soon!