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Well, after several delays, and lots of editing and formatting, I'm thrilled to let you know that Horse Listening - Book 2 is on its way to being available for order! Launch date is set for Monday, December 8, 2014!

But in the meantime, I'd like to stick to tradition and celebrate by offering a random giveaway of five free books - shipped directly to the winners once the book is available for purchase!

All you need to do to enter is to write in the comments below:

HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1

a) What has Horse Listening done for you and your horse?


b) What can Horse Listening do for you and your horse?

The deadline for entry is midnight, December 7. The draw is completely random. Only one entry per person. The winners will be announced on Monday afternoon, right here on the blog.

More information about the book will be available in an upcoming post. Similar to the first book, it is a compilation of over 40 chapters and 230+ pages of the best of the Horse Listening articles. It is full of practical suggestions and thoughtful explanations of many fundamental concepts and skills in horseback riding.

Good luck and thanks for Horse Listening!



  1. Horse Listening has helped me hear more of what my horse is saying. I find that things are explained in a clear and simple way which is what my horse needs to hear from me.

    1. I have such a better understanding of my 2 horses, since I have been reading your book and blog. You have broken down in simple language, what is going on with my riding and how to better understand my horses. I am thirsty for all this knowledge.

  2. Horse Listening has really helped me, become a more comfortable working around and riding my horses and also have been able to use lots of the information for my students…. thank you 🙂

  3. I would love to have your new book because I have the first book and I have found so much fabulous information contained in it on how to respond to my horse in a more positive way so that he now enjoys the training as much as I do. I am certain that book 2 will be equally full of great reading and items to reshape my thinking.

  4. Horse Listening has helped me to be a true partner with my horse; not just a passenger. Instead of constantly telling my sensitive mare what I want her to do ; I now give pause to listen to her feedback to a greater extent. In return; she has learned to focus on me. The suggestions throughout Book 1 has been really helpful and I look forward immensely to reading Book 2!

  5. a) What has Horse Listening done for you and your horse?

    I am able to put into practice a lot of things that I have been struggling with for years. Your explanation of riding skills and techniques in practice are wonderful. My timing and ability has progressed.


    b) What can Horse Listening do for you and your horse?

    I read every post with the anticipation that I will be able to try a new way of doing things. For me and my horse, it opens more doors and closes the confusion gate.

  6. Horse Listening reinforces my trainer’s teaching and my reading of classical dressage literature. The way in which training tips and principles are stated are extremely accessible and understandable. I also love the “riding problem” approach and the way in which solutions are offered.

  7. Horse Listening is the only page on FB that I continually find myself “liking” every post I read.
    I downloaded the ebook recently , and as an amateur rider, who is continually looking for better ways to improve myself to improve my horse, this really gets my cogs turning.

    I appreciate the simplified terms and uncomplicated suggestions.

    I am really looking forward to Book 2 .
    Thankyou for improving us!

  8. As a Grandmother with two Grandaughters.that event, I love to read your tutorials so that when I go to events , I have a clue as to what I’m watching! You explain things so well , and your pictures and videos are wonderful. I share them often and always say you are my favorite! Thank you so much!

  9. Your fantastic site and its articles have helped me in so many ways, but I’d have to say my favorite is helping me learn how to reward my horse by doing things like saying “good boy”, but only loudly enough for him to hear, and how even simply thinking things like ‘great job, good boy’ changes our entire dynamic. 🙂

  10. Horse listening has made me think a lot and relax. I love the first book
    Fantastic book I look forward to the next one

  11. Horse Listening breaks it down into easy to follow tips and solutions to common riding and training problems. I love sharing with my students, it helps them to really “get it.” Can’t wait for the second book!

  12. I love this blog and the book because it helps me get a general feel for my horse through the use of individual aids. The information is in the right size chunks for me.

  13. Love! Love the first book! It provided excellent verbiage to what I was feeling. Can’t wait for book 2:)

  14. It has made me think! Sometimes you think you know all of the basics and then an article shows up and you, or me, are overwhelmed that you did not this!

  15. The advice I get from Horse Listening makes sense to me, and it seems to make sense to my horses too.

  16. I would love to have you new book – I always enjoy the posts and frequently save them for future reference. They are clear and easy to understand and have helped me with my riding.

  17. Having been ‘into’ horses for over 50 years with riding by the seat of my pants and a few scant lessons as a child to Fox Hunting, Hunter Jumper, Western Pleasure, 3 Day Eventing, and Dressage as an adult rider, along with bringing foals into this world, training them to a level of my competency, running my own boarding barn, continuing personal growth in lessons and sharing my knowledge with novice riders and also with riders who needed advanced help, I find your reason and explanation of riding and its intricacies bring out the ever so absent ‘common sense’ in riding and working with horses. I so enjoy how you break down, step by step, the workings of what your articles are about.

    So to answer your question, what has Horse Listening done for me and my horse(s)? It’s encouraged me to enjoy learning even more and share that learning with my horses. I have learned that one is never too old to learn and that one never learns it all. I will always be in training for the next step. Thank you for your work! It’s wonderful!

    What can Horse Listening do for me and my horses? Your writings encourage me to try more, help with confidence (as an older rider), and help me reach more of my personal goals – all of which will benefit all of my horses. Thanks, again!

  18. Loved your first book, and appreciate its clarity still more now that I take riding lessons in a dressage barn, as an elderly (61 y old) working student. 🙂

  19. Horse Listening has given me easy straight forward explanations that have helped me to change the things in my horses way of going that I knew were not right but didn’t know how to change

  20. You have made me think …and stop …and listen to my horse….who by the way says a big thank you

  21. As a late-in-starting, yet developing rider, I find Horse Listening to feed my inquisitive mind, hungry to assimilate what’s happening when I’m on my horse. It piques my interest, to “listen” to what he’s doing & try io match what you’ve so excellently described with what’s happening underneath me.

  22. Wow so excited!! HL has made our world so much clearer and brighter!! We are ready to continue on our journey of dance together and just can’t wait!! XX

  23. Horse listening has given me a deeper understanding of the aids and to give clearer messages to my horse. I love it and so does he!

  24. Horse listening has made me bond more with my horse ,understanding everyday principals and the way horses and humans think …and how we communicate together ….my horse is my partner in life now and horse listening has always provided me with the knowledge needed in every day communication and riding.

  25. Horse Listening teaches me to get a grip on things that were a mystery to me before.
    A better understanding leads to more compassion for both Horse and Rider!

  26. I’ve only recently found Horse Listening but I’m very impressed with what I’ve read so far and look forward to going through the previous posts when I have time and since I’m an avid book collector I imagine I’ll be buying the books as well

  27. Haven’t long discovered Horse Listening but it is so easy to follow and has helped me particularly with my hands and rein contact. I am so looking forward to reading other ways to help me on my journey to becoming a better rider. i always find the information delivered in a way that is understandable and easy to apply. Thank you

  28. My favourite time of the day is when I get a chance to check F/B and see what interesting article you have put up for the day. Thx so much for such an informative and easy to understand articles.

  29. Learning to better interpret my horse’s responses to my signals, and mine to his, will refine our understanding of one another and improve both communication and performance.

  30. I have found your blog to be an invaluable between-lessons read. It’s almost as if you were sitting in the corner of the arena listening to the problem spots in my ride and my trainer’s patient coaching; within a few days the very subject comes up in your post and reinforces my trainer’s words…and sometimes puts them in a way that makes them stick better in my brain. I think riding regularly with a good trainer + studying the classical masters + reading your blog is a great formula for bringing any horse along on the art of dressage. Of course, don’t forget diligent, consistent practice!

  31. What has Horse Listening done for us? Given me a trainer to consult with at home; and the confidence to tackle problems in a calm and sensitive manner.

    What can horae listening do for us? Turn a nervous novice pair into a confident fun loving partnership.

  32. a) What has Horse Listening done for you and your horse?
    **It’s given us information to improve our daily rides! Plus it’s offered us interesting exercises and new ways to look at things.
    b) What can Horse Listening do for you and your horse?
    **Keep it up!! Love the blog!

  33. Your blog has been amazing! It reenforces what my trainer has been teaching and also helps because you break down things into a manner that is easily understood. Love your blog!

  34. Horse Listening has helped me by describing how elements of my training and development of dressage feels in a way I hadn’t heard them described before. It has given me visuals that I can use to help me know when I’m on the correct path.

  35. I never read the book but follow your page on facebook. The things you post there have given me tips and new insights in horses and horse riding, and I’m sure this will continue!

    As everyone, would love to win the book 🙂

  36. Horse listening has boosted my confidence not only in myself but in my horse as well. It teaches you to listen to what your horse is trying to tell you. Thanks Horse Listening!

  37. Loved the first book and the tips and solutions. Sometimes a different take on a problem is all you need to get you thinking in a different way in solving a problem. Thank you! Have looked forward to the release of the 2nd book and would love to be the person receives one of the free copies

  38. I’m on the road Monday through Friday and my horse is in training those days. Horse listening gives me tools and a sense of connection to my horse which allows me to think dressage on the road and apply dressage at home

  39. I would like to become more in tune with my horse and to learn to recognize his subtle cues faster. I do not have any of the books but came across this group through a fellow rider.

  40. Horse listening is written ever so clearly in a way that really helps you put together all the little things that are floating around in your head so that when you go out to ride you have a fresh way of approaching your training techniques I love re reading the articles and forwarding them onto friends I’d love to win the book thank you for this opportunity

  41. I volunteer at a facility for therapeutic riding for people with disabilities. There are 9 horses who see different volunteers every day. They’re amazing, but some volunteers treat them all the same, regardless of their mood or personality. I have learned from Horse Listening to really pay attention to the horses each day. I like to think I’m better at handling each of them because of it, but I have a lot to learn. I’ve been teased because I stay so calm with the occasional balk or refusal to do what the horses do every day. I like that.
    I’d love to read more of the Horse Listening to get better with our lovely horse therapists. Volunteering there has been therapy for me, too. It is my “mental health day” away from work, cell phones or computers.

  42. Your great articles helped me a lot by offering me the chance to find and discover so many things related to this beautiful world. Since I am a very beginner rider, your tips and advises are so so usefull for me and I always find something to think about, suitable for my riding level. Thank you very much!

  43. I had a pony when I was a kid, she was my best friend! I never had a saddle. Life circumstances caused me to loose her. Now in my 40’s, I’ve gotten another horse. Horse Listening has and will continue to allow me to become the rider I used to be. Life and age change you and make you forget. I used to just jump on Freckles and spend to day with her, easy, no expectations, no fear. I had forgotten how to do that, but I’ll get it back! Thank you for your blog, it’s really quite amazing!!

  44. Horse Listening has changed me from being a rider perched up on my horse to being an emphatic partner. I loved the first book and would love to have the next volume as well.

  45. Horse Listening book has given me a new spectrum of insight into training my horse successfully. It has also given me courage – yes courage, to do the exercises I kept away from previously particularly the canter work. The no-canter was a brilliant tool to help me ride my hot horse.

    The work is broken down into small pieces which are easy to take away mentally to the riding arena and used in an easy manner for schooling purposes.

    In all your articles I find some ‘rays of inspiration’ which help me to progress.
    Now looking forward to your second book very much.
    It would be very nice to win one.

  46. Horse Listening has helped me look at things in a different light- helps me look at new ways to approach activities with my horse. I now have a new horse and she and I can benefit greatly from horse listening! Would love the new book.

  47. As a newer rider your articles give me lots to think about. Your emails often address an issue I’m wrestling with. I wonder, were you watching my last ride/lesson? It often seems that way!

  48. Waiting for the first book to arrive. But by reading the FB post I have learned that an old horse (myself included) can learn new methods. Thx for the contest!

  49. The philosophies presented through Horse Listening have helped me increase the 2-way dialogue with my horse(s). Respect for his input into the work has greatly increased on my part. Thank-you!

  50. Horse Listening has and will continue to help me with easy to understand techniques and tips for riding and handling my horse. The articles provided are so educational and useful and I appreciate you putting the information out there for the rest of us to absorb and use.

  51. HL has given me so much information and made me a more confident rider, which in turn has made my horse happier, too.
    HL will be able to help us have more fun for years to come. I started later in life and am always looking to learn and grow and HL is a great tool for this.

  52. Horse Listening posts and book is dressage for the every day person. I have had tons of lessons and sometimes I just do not get it, then I look for the writing in Horse Listening and the Ah Ha moment happens. I can then get on my horse the next time and really feel that I understand the principle of the exercise and in time become proficient at the movement with just the cost of the book instead of a dozen more lessons. If Horse Listening does not create more books I may get stuck where I am in my riding, so please keep writing! The first book and I am sure all future books will be an easy investment in myself and my horse!!

  53. my goal is to achieve being & having good horsemanship .your articles refresh, remind & teach me how I can do this as I continue on my daily journey towards my goal. I am looking forward to this 2nd book. How timely is the publication @ holiday time. A great gift for rider & horse!

  54. a) What has Horse Listening done for you and your horse?
    While reading your posts, the words help paint an image in my mind to connect to a correct feeling I have had while riding my horses. And, your words help describe a correct feeling I should recognize while riding my horses.


    b) What can Horse Listening do for you and your horse?
    Keeps my brain refreshed as if I had a coach assisting every day.

    I look forward to getting your new book. Thank you!

  55. Horse Listening has provided my horse and I with consistent, correct, and well-worded advice time and again! It is the only source I trust to give me true dressage guidance on every subject!

  56. I have so many “ah-ha!” moments when reading Horse Listening. Sometimes the most simple, obvious solution has been staring me in the face, but until I see it described in your book and daily emails, I was stuck. Thank you for putting it in “plain language” for the masses!

  57. I am learning to ride for the first time in mid-life and there are so many books and blogs that give advice. It’s eerie though how the Horse Listening blog frequently addresses just the issues that I am working on or having trouble with, such as learning to sit the trot and feeling my horse lift his back. I still have a long way to go but Horse Listening has really helped me already become a better rider, even as a beginner.

  58. Horse Listening continues to remind me about the subtleties of our communication with our horses. I know that my horse appreciates the reminders.

  59. You have given me SO many “aha” moments. I love your posts and avidly read each one. Many trainers and horsemen can ride but not explain. You are not one of them. Keep up the good work!

  60. Horse listening has been the commen sense quiet voice in a room of loud forcefull people. I always know when I open up the link that it will be knowledge that is not fashionable but correct! I applaud the author. Personally I adhere to SRS principles which seem to mirror what Horse Listening describes almost daily.

  61. I’ve been riding many years; at least, I thought I was. The Horse Listsning FB page and articles have helped me change the way I was thinking about riding. Searching the blog page encouraged more reading. From there, I was able to apply some things to riding. I’m just embarking into the world of dressage. I’m loving it and HL has helped me tremendously. Thank you for putting together the HL page. Merry Christmas!

  62. Just learning about dressage after years of trail/pleasure riding has opened a door to knowledge that I have to thank Horse Listening for! I’ve always wanted my horse and myself to enjoy our time together and you have opened my eyes to new ways of communication and sensitivity for my horse. Thank you!

  63. A lot of what my horse and I have been working on with my instructor are the same concepts you write about. Your clear descriptions phrased things differently and sometimes that just made a concept click for me. Also, the different exercises have been incredibly helpful for both me and my horse.

  64. Horse Listening has opened helped me get a better understanding of even the basics. It’s is written in a way that is easy to understand and on more than one occasion I had that “ah ha” moment, and everything that was previously a miscommunication with my horse, now made much more sense. I look forward to every post and love to share them with my riding friends. Thank you for such a valuable and practical tool and enabling me to better communicate with my horse.

  65. So often I find the articles in the Horse Listening are is so timely for me and my mare. Another perspective on an issue is always good. I usually read the articles at work and it’s a way for me to connect with riding when I’m away from the barn.
    Horse Listening keeps me learning and thinking and that’s what’s most important to my riding.

  66. Horse listening provides numerous articles on everyday riding issues. My instructor often uses some of the tips in our lessons, and will quite often refer me to different articles if she sees me struggling with certain issues. Very informative, and normally broken down quite well so the average rider can understand and put the information to great use!

  67. I loved everything I read in the first book and found so many “ah ha” moments for things to try. I’m really looking forward to your posts from the second book

  68. Horse listening has contributed to heightened communication between my horse and I. It really has helped bring our relationship to another level in training.

  69. I love Horse Listening! It’s given me a new perspective and helped me to enjoy my horse more. I’m looking forward to reading the second book!

  70. I came across your site a few months back. I have enjoyed reading all your articles. I find them very helpful and informative. I am taking riding lessons and with your articles and my lessons I am able to combine the information and improve my riding. You articles are easy to understand and learn from. I have shared your site with many friends. I have asked for your first book for a Christmas present. I would love a copy of your second book. Thank you for this opportunity.

  71. I eagerly look forward the new Horse Listening posts. I always find helpful tips and new ways to think about my riding and my relationship with my horse. I particularly appreciate exercises that I can immediately apply in my next ride!

  72. I love it when I come to work and check my emails and there is a “Horse Listening” article in my mail box. I think reading the articles makes my coffee taste better 😉 I have even forwarded articles on to my instructor. Love this site.

  73. Horse Listening posts seem to arrive just when I need to hear those words! I’ve just started riding regularly this year, and the tips I’ve acquired for my hands, seat and legs and using those aids correctly are great “go to” wisdom between lessons! Please keep up the great work!

  74. Horse Listening has helped explain things that I didn’t know because no one bothered to explain it to me in detail before. It’s the little things that count sometimes.

  75. Horse Listening has really helped me to understand riding in a whole new way because the way Kathy writes really makes me think and understand concepts both new and old to me. I have used many of her explanations in my lessons and I look forward everyday to reading her posts and reading her new book, to learn even more!

  76. Horse Listening has opened my eyes to a whole new language with horses. With no horse of my own, I try to use the tips in your book when I do my dressage lesson each Saturday. Together with your ideas and my instructor, I am becoming a better rider every time I ride. I’m sure the horses would say, “Thank you” too.
    I can’t wait to buy the second book. Thanks!

  77. I just ordered your first book as a Christmas gift and as a new rider, I’m looking forward to increasing my understanding of the wonder of horses. Our family has been blessed with our first horse Black Jack! So I feel very strongly that its so important we do well by our Jack.

  78. Horse Listening – Book 1 has given me a “purpose” when riding – instead of just going in circles and performing transitions – especially now that I am confined to the indoor for the winter. I seek your assistance and guidance with different moves and plan my next ride. Great for focus and achieving versus just riding for the sake of riding. Truthfully, it is one of the BEST “text” books I have ever read – and I’ve read tons!! Very excited about Book 2 Forward and Round – always, always need more of that. Love your blog as well.

  79. a) What has Horse Listening done for you and your horse? The articles have provided great topics for conversation with my trainer, who is a great observer but faces the challenges so many of us face: how to translate an essentially visceral experience into meaningful words, so that I can understand, then retranslate that into a visceral experience. For example… what exactly is a ‘deep seat’, what does it FEEL like when achieved, and when does one know when and where to utilize it and sense the effect on the horse’s carriage? The articles are a real boon to understanding these things from multiple perspectives… and my horse, a near-rescued TWH cross with very little training and most of that, badly done, has responded in an amazing way in the six months he has lived with us. He is SO much improved, and so am I. THANK YOU! Well written, well grounded, and articulately expressed equitation fundamentals.

  80. Thank you so much for your explanations . I have read a lot of books that have made problems even more confusing than they were originally , but your book explains things in terms I understand . They have helped me so much in helping me help my horse . Even if I don’t win a book I wanted you to know what a great help you have been.

  81. Horse Listening has helped me to be more aware of what I’m feeling when I ride. This has resulted in better performance from my horse and has made me a better rider. I’ve also learned some new exercises to make training more interesting and fun. Good luck with Book 2!

  82. Really looking forward to reading your next book. Enjoyed the first one and follow you on Facebook. Thanks for sharing.

  83. It has confirmed what I’ve been trying to do along with some really good reminders. To be able to pass it onto my students. We all benefit from your being able to put into words what doesn’t always come out or can even be heard during a lesson. There is so much going on when we are sitting on the horse trying to listen and do what we are trying to hear. All my horses, who all have jobs, benefit from my students doing a better as well as myself.

  84. We are new riders (me, my 7 yr old twins, and my 10 yr old son) and Horse Listening is a wonderful place to get helpful, insightful information. I initially decided to take riding lessons with my kids because I didn’t want to sit around waiting for them while they had their lessons. But, wow. Riding is so much fun and it’s not just a physical workout, but a mental one, too. It’s a great sport for kids (and moms!). Horse Listening is where I come to find more information on the many concepts our instructor presents to us every week. It has been extremely helpful! Thanks for this website!

  85. Horse listening has taken concepts I couldn’t quite fathom on my own! and beautifully written them in a structure I can understand…I always come away feeling like a light has come on in the room. And my horse thanks you!

  86. As I just started teaching last Spring, I find that Horse Listening really helps me to clarify training concepts and put them into words. And put them into practice when I ride.

  87. Horse listening has actually saved my horse career! I have been riding for 20 years and taking lessons continually, sadly to say practicing all my bad habits. I teach therapeutic riding and Horse Listening has helped me not only in my own riding but also in my teaching. I am also better able to undersand my excellent instructor’s lessons and better able to communicate with my horse and my students.

    Bravo to you!! With your logical and easy to understand lessons, I am a better rider and most importantly, a better instructor.

    Thank you so much!


  88. Horse listening gives me lots of great ideas! I’m 55 and just got my first horse 3 years ago and it has helped me learn how to better train and care for her!

  89. I would love to read your book and really enjoy your articles. Horse Listening helps me to interpret the things my mare is telling me (I do listen!) and what I need to do to communicate things more clearly for her when we are stuck in our training. 🙂

  90. One if my largest obstacles has always been trying to keep tabs on every part of my body is doing at all times! Horse Listening has helped me to become more aware of what my body is doing and the unconcious signals (good and bad) I’m sending during my lessons. In addition, the explainations are so clear and spot-on for application in any number of situations.

  91. Though I have been riding/training/showing and now find myself training, and 5 yr old OTTB, for over 50 years I find your articles very insightful. Horses are a live long learning experience. I refer your blog to students and friends all the time. Thanks for taking the time to share your insights with us all.

  92. “What can Horse Listening do for you and your horse?”- My answer to this after over 60 years in the saddle is that it reminds you of all your learning experiences and gives you a fresh insight to understanding yourself and your horse. I have purchased Book 1 and look forward to your new Book 2.!

  93. I just love the daily “Horse Listening” articles i get on Facebook. I have learned so much from them and have applied them and seen results in my riding! I share the articles on my news feed every day.
    My horse and I are so much more balanced and my jumping has improved 10 fold because of the tips and suggestions in the articles that I put into practice on the flat.
    Thank you!

  94. I read Horse Listening every day and the articles always has information that helps the partnership with my mare Dove, we are very grateful for your insights!

  95. Horse Listening has helped me communicate with my horse. It has made me better able to absorb the information he’s giving me & act on it appropriately. Thank you!!

  96. Horse Listening is a great conversation starter at our barn! We are able to discuss one training challenge and come up with ways to incorporate your solutions into our lessons.

  97. I enjoy the simple straightforward approach in book 1. Learning to truly partner with my horse and not just a passenger. I look forward to Book 2!

  98. Oh, my gosh- Horse Listening is amazing! I read every single post and often reread book 1! My horse friends and I share and talk about articles, but the best thing Horse Listening does for me is remind me WHY I ride!

  99. Horse Listening always gives me something to work on between lessons. Articles include training issues I deal with and the simple, straightforward methods produce results. Nice way to plan my rides when working on my own.

  100. Horse Listening helps me keep a mindful approach to my riding. The training explanations help me understand how to more clearly communicate with my horse, and understand how my riding techniques and habits effect him.

  101. Every time a new blog is posted, Horse Listening nails exactly what I was working on in my last lesson w/my horse. Every Single Time. My instructor and I have joked that you have a hidden camera in our arena. You cover things very similarly to my instructor, and it has been super helpful to have it reinforced in writing. I go back to your blogs over and over, and I’m sure I will going forward. Thank you!

  102. The first book of Horse Listening is on my Christmas List and am very excited to read both books. I am a strong believer in learning to gain a deeper understanding. It is first through listening that we actually hear and understand. Our journey began with leasing horses and two years ago we purchased our first and now own two. Every day provides another opportunity to learn something new, and I am extremely eager to gain more insight and knowledge to further our our love, care, training, and enjoyment of these soulful animals. Wisdom, insight and passion are the foundations that strengthen our relationships with our horses which is why I am excited to read the Horse Listening books. Thank you for sharing your gift of experience, knowledge and insight to strengthen the humane connection between human and horse.

  103. Horse Listening is full of excellent helpful tips in all areas to horsemanship. I would love to win this book.

  104. Horse listening has enlightened me that it doesn’t matter the discipline you choose it all boils down to connecting to your horse. When you do there is nothing greater.

  105. Horse Listening answers so many of the questions that pop up when I’m riding (or thinking of riding) and breaks down the answers in simple, intuitive ways. So much of horseback riding is knowing a feeling and therefore is nearly impossible to describe; Horse Listening is the closest thing that I’ve found that makes sense to a person like me, who is still learning so much!

  106. Horse Listening has helped me look at things from my horses perspective. My riding has improved tremendously , thanks’

  107. As an older rider trying to get in-sync with my “Golden Horse” (this was one of your posts) I can read your information and work together with my most precious horse and I am beginning to feel more relaxed when I go for my lessons, The information that you share is most enjoyable and easy to understand! Thank you!

  108. Horse Listening has helped me so much with riding multiple horses at two different barns. Each horse has a unique personality, and I am able to try out the skills and ideas that you provide. When I do purchase my own horse again, I know that Horse Listening will help me to completely learn his personality and understand the best ways to work with him and to reach our full potential together. Thank you for everything you share with us!!

  109. Horse listening has refined my aids and helped balance my horse. I have found the guidance exceptional and my learning curve skyrocketed.

  110. It reminds me of all the little details that make equi-relationships work. (B) It can help me to stay relaxed with the horse, especially in this chilly weather.

  111. A) Horse Listening has been so helpful for Ziggy and me. Kathy has broken things down step by step and gives excellent analogies which are so helpful. One of the major things is learning about asking for a trot or canter using the inside front leg as your guide to ask for transitions. Thank you Kathy!

  112. As a rider I’m am learning to communicate with my horse more, through both western and english riding. I can’t wait to see what improvements I can make! I can now understand how my horse moves and how be more aware of my movements for communication!

  113. your book is teaching me the importance of roundness, and balance….explaining it to me in terms i can understand. i’ve known this is what needed to be done to achieve a soft, supple horse. but couldn’t understand how to do it. my horse is recovering from an injury and has lost his top line….you book is helping me to get that back….glad i found you….and thank you for sharing your knowledge

  114. Kathy’s Horse Listening blog and book have given me a new way of looking at my riding and training. The things that she writes about are the things I am concerned about. I am achieving a closer connection with my horses. I can’t wait to get the new book. Thank you Kathy for sharing your knowledge in a way that is clear and understandable.

  115. What has Horse Listening done for me and my horse? Gives me bits of great information that helps keep me motivated and positive, and points out mistakes I’m making. The short posts and articles are very helpful – rarely do I have time to read long articles, so little pieces of information are easy to ready and learn from (however, I’d make time for a full book). 😉

  116. I have ridden all my life and played polocrosse the past 20 years. This year I started Working Equitation and am taking dressage lessons. I am learning a lot from Horse Listening. The first one I read was the canter to trot to canter exercise and I loved it! I’m excited to learn more and love reading your posts. Thanks!

  117. Horse Listening has helped me be a better rider and more aware of my horses needs and what I can do to make our time together more productive and meaningful. I love your insights on everything!!! You are very wise and your words reach me far better than a lot of other so called experts! Thank you.

  118. Horse Listening has really helped to remind me of the things I used to know but have forgotten as there are some many little things that make such a big difference. It has helped me work with my young 4 year old gelding so that I don’t forget that he is also trying to tell me to listen to him as well as I am asking him to listen to me.

  119. Horse Listening has been a source of inspiration as well as confirmation. It is always a comfort to know that some of the things I try are actually right on track. It’s also a great way to share ideas with others who because of pride or ego, will listen to an author more so than a friend or acquaintance. I look forward to reading more and implementing and incorporating them into the continual development of my horse and my horsemanship.

  120. I love your posts. They are filled with wisdom, new ways of looking at things and wonderful insights. I share them with my trainer and we have fascinating discussion about the concepts you have brought to light. My horse and I are indebted to you and I would be honored to have a copy of your book to read and share with my dressage instructor and barn mates. Our lives would be deeply enriched by your wealth of knowledge. With deepest gratitude,
    jane & Tinman

  121. I am a sixty two 🙁 year old guy that has been taking Dressage for about six months. Although I have had horses for years the only lessons I have taken were a short stint of Western probably 30 years ago so English and dressage are all new to me and while I love it, I feel like such an idiot. The young learn so much faster not to mention being flexible. The first book has been great for me so I can read chapters over and over until my ole brain grasps the concepts. I’m looking forward to the next book!!! THANKS FOR THE BOOK!

  122. Real good book mad me realise just how sensitive my mare is using the techniques we are much more harmonious together bow thankyou x

  123. I appreciate how “Horse Listening” confirms and expands on what my poor instructor has been working to pound into my head. It is always good to have concrete (as opposed to abstract and poetic) information from multiple sources.

  124. I like that each post focuses on one thing that you can work on, then go back and re-evaluate if needed. I liked the blogs so well I went ahead and bought the book. All balanced riding that applies to all horses/riders!

  125. Horse Listening has really helped me out since I can’t afford lessons every time I have a problem to trouble shoot. The articles are written in a language that is easy for non – professionals to understand and concepts are laid out in a way that is easy to emulate. I mostly appreciate the emphasis on progression – obviously our horses should all eventually respond with only seat cues, but Horse Listening actually helps while we train ourselves and our horses up to that point. Thank you!

  126. My
    partnership with horses started for me when I became the “foal handler at a breeding facility . I imprinted over 200 babies and learned so much from them just by listening and watching. This flowed over into my relationship with all horses and I am a firm believer in never stop learning. So excited about your book!

  127. I love referring my adult students to your blog. They get insights about the concepts I am teaching from different perspectives and with different illustrations. I’ve found for myself that its a reference and refresher course in one spot. Good, sound equestrian advice soundly presented. No hype just horse and rider basic communication. Thanks for your hours. It is worth it!

  128. My friend and I just bought our first horse, a 4-year-old canadian-friesian gelding who has progressed so well in the last 6 months. He’s very willing to learn, and we still have so much to learn because we are at the beginning of our path together 🙂
    We want the best for him and since we don’t have any coach yet at the barn, Horse Listening Book1 helped me daily to fix goals and to try new angles of vision with my horse. Book2 would also be very helpful. 🙂

  129. Horse listening puts into words many thoughts that I have had. It doesn’t view any topic as too basic, but explores the topic.

  130. Horse Listening 1 is my go to guide for training me and my horse. Its given me lots of information and in return my confidence is growing and we are really getting results. Can’t wait for number 2!

  131. I love reading Horse Listening because it gives me perspective on my riding and what I am doing wrong (or right). It’s like having a virtual trainer. I adopted many of the breathing technics that helped me remain calmer and more relaxed in my riding. And as for my horse I find it easier now to work with him on bending and moving him over to the corners of the arena (my horse can have difficulties bending at the turn). Overall I feel great improvement in my riding and I am looking forward to continue to grow together with Horse Listening. Thank you!

  132. Horse Listening always challenges me to assess myself, my riding and the reactions i am getting from my horse. I have found the articles instrumental in me becoming a better rider and ‘listener’. Thankyou for your insights.

  133. Horse Listening has helped me with fantastic clear understandable instruction that is so supportive with horses of any level. It is as if one of my trainers is standing beside me talking me through how to perform a more perfect turn, establish a better outside rein, better straightness, more engagement through transitions and deal with problems that may arise along the way. To have these ever so clear instructions there as a reference make post ride reflection and planning much easier when you live a long way from your trainer and need to consolidate a movement or deal with a problem! I love Horse Listeners and never miss a post! Thanks a million! I’ve told everyone I know about you.

  134. What Horse Listening has done for me: Brought me up to date with new “horse listening” trends, given me a broader perspective of other horse training issues, given me lots of new things to try, I look forward to many more years of Horse Listening!

  135. Horse listening has revolutionized the way I think about how I ride. With such easy to understand snippets I can take a ‘thought’ each day and keep layering to improve both me and more horse. Can’t wait for the next one to see where I can go next…..

  136. As a long time horse owner/rider, I’m always looking for simple concise explanations of terms we hear frequently, but are not always well understood; i.e., inside leg to outside rein, ride him through over the back, make him round, needs more engagement, etc. Horse Listening provides a valuable information in a simple, easy to understand format.

  137. The first book was recommended by my teenagers trainer. It completely changed the way she rides. I also love seeing her research ways in the book to make her own self a more educated rider and not just ride to win but ride to learn….the winning is just the by product of the learning!

  138. After a 25 year break from horses (and some bad accidents) I discovered the joy of having these amazing animals in my life. Being ‘more mature’ now, there is so much more I want to learn and understand. Sadly where i leave, there really isn’t anywhere or anyone to go to for this kind of learning apart from a few clinics a year that may travel through. Horse Listening has been a fantastic eye opener to help me learn more which in turn benefits my horses more. I currently have three retired pacers (Standardbreds) so Book 2 would certainly be very useful to help us continue our learning journey together.

  139. Horse Listening gives clear understanding to aids and communication with the horse that sometimes in lessons a trainer takes for granted you are doing it right. Like the simple half halt or leg yielding or even turning – going back to the basics of breaking down exactly what happens and why has really helped me work out what has been going wrong and the influence I’ve been having and can have. Thank you 🙂

  140. Horse listening has taught me to listen to my horse by feeling her every nuance. This has allowed me to make it easy for her to do the right thing.

  141. Horse Listening will continue to help me “understand” my horse a little better, and help us continue to build a better relationship. Love your blog.

  142. Horse Listening has been great for my daughter…I bought her the first book and it has been a great help for her and really backs up what I am teaching her on the arena…even though I have been dressage rider for many years it’s great to read such a well written book and so many times when I read the articles I think to myself..Yes!! that’s a great way to explain that to Emily”…thanks for all your help Kathy 🙂 looking forward to continuing the training with this next book! Cheers Chris (from Australia)

  143. At 62 years of age, I just started taking riding lessons in dressage. This discipline is like learning Greek for me since all I had experience with prior to this was Western Pleasure…over 30 years ago. So, needless to say, I’ve been reading and studying as much about Dressage as I can find and your site and your absolute wealth of information has been a HUGE plus for me! I find your information easy to understand and so pertinent to all levels of riders. I’m not training a horse, but it’s so nice to know that by reading and studying what you offer, I’m at least working WITH the horse rather than making it harder on both of us! I’m getting ready to order Book 1 and can’t wait to read it…over and over. Thanks for all you do for all of us!

  144. As someone whos always trained myself, and cant afford lessons, Ive learned so much from your blog it would be impossible to list everything… ive gotten a quieter seat and a better understanding of what my hands should and shouldnt be doing. My horse is happier and going bettet than ever! I cant wait to see what continued following does for us!!
    Thank you!!

  145. Love this blog! The advice is clear and easy to understand which makes it easier to put into practice. It has helped me to understand my horse and help him to do the things I ask of him. Thanks very much!

  146. What has reading Horse Listening done for me and my Horse? I keep tabs on the website and posts and videos as they constantly challenge my thoughts and training methods. Some reinforce my approaches – others have changed them. It is fantastic to have an opportunity to keep tabs on the current thinking. I would love the opportunity to read the new book.

  147. What the horse listening book has done for me is to help me realise that getting into horse ownership for the first time at age 45 was not as crazy as I first thought. The book ‘bible’ has thought me how to care for and properly understand my horse. Also learning to ride ‘correctly’ at the age of 45-46 is not as daunting thanks to the stories which I can really relate to. Both myself and my big boy Brodie still have a very long way to go but we are loving every minute of it. Thank you so much. And hubby has already been told to add book 2 to the Xmas list.

  148. I admire your ability to write about Dressage in a way that makes sense. It’s a mental and physical journey and you have the knack for addressing both in your writing. I loved Book 1 and can’t wait for Book 2!

  149. Horse Listening has given me an excellent way to ‘ride with my mind’ while I heal up from ruptured disks.

  150. I have a Tennessee Walking horse and have been reading and rereading your book as I try to apply the clear and detailed instructions you provide on how to effectively ride my horse and how to create a willing and happy riding partner. I am new to dressage, and your book has opened the door to endless possibilities with my horse..Dressage is a developing venue for gaited horses, and your book has helped me immensely. I look forward to your second book!

  151. Horse Listening has provided me with other ways to achieve results and also correct things I thought I was doing right all these years. This helps my horses and myself work better as a team.

  152. My sister recommended this book. Wow, after reading Horse Listening I feel I have become a more confident rider and a better connection with my horse. Techniques are easy to understand.

  153. Horse Listening articles seem to come at a time when I need them most. It’s almost like I’ve asked a question and Horse Listening has the answer! I’m always excited to see a new email has arrived to help my horse and myself into the next chapter of our journey!

  154. Horse Listening is pretty clear and easy to follow. But it also helps give me confidence to keep trying to conquer my fears and keep persevering; I have learned that riding should and can be fun!; it confirms that there can be a growing bond between my horse and I; that I don’t necessarily need to ride in order to get the many benefits from owning/riding a horse; that at 62 years of age, I am not crazy to want to own and ride my horse or to keep learning; that there is generally an easier way to accomplish any goal and how to get there. I think that the “keep learning” is very important because we will never get to the point where we “know” everything there is to know. Both my horse and myself have benefitted from “Horse Listening” and I look forward to receiving each and every article. Thank you for your website and blog!

  155. I have only started reading the blog and I am such a fan!! What this collection of writing has done for me and my horses is bring me back to where I was before study of theory took me away ….to the elemental, gut love of the horse and the time spent riding and DOING. I find myself in front of the computer or the DVD learning instead of out RIDING!! The quest is only as beneficial as the practice is that follows. Thanks you for what I know I will return to when I get at least the first book! If I’m lucky enough to get book 2, it will only be read after I read book 1. Thank you, thank you for the spark you have returned to me 🙂

  156. I’ve really enjoyed reading the blog and the first book and am looking forward to the second. The articles are easy to read and understand as well as apply and I’ve become a more confident rider and more horse has also become so because we are working together and he knows that I will listen to him always.

  157. Horse Listening 1 was purchased with my students in mind. I have shared the book and articles that address their particular weaknesses or to support their A-Ha! moments. I have gotten questions, via e-mail or FB from some of my students about some of your postings. It makes for good discussion amongst my students and I. I am looking forward to Vol.2 to continue the journey. Reading is another avenue for students to expand their knowledge that many do not explore. I have your book on my reading list I give students.
    I look forward to every posting I receive, keep up the good work.

  158. Horse Listening has helped me to open my mind a bit more and think in new ways about my riding. Thanks for that.

  159. Even though I have trained and riden my own horse to I1 level dressage, there is sooooo much along the way that I did not learn. Now working with 2 younger horses of my own and I get lessons maybe once a month during the warmer months- this book has assisted my training and riding program, assisted in having a greater understanding in throughness and being more round. This book has enhanced my trained program with both my horses for the better and having more happy partners to work with! Looking forward to book#2.

  160. I regularly find myself referring people to your page when they are full of questions. The explanations are concise and easy to understand. It is almost eerie how the subjects covered always seem to be what is required at that moment, almost as if you have been sitting in on our lessons and found the explanations lacking. That said, for those of us with pedal driven internet speeds it is so much easier to be able to flick through a physical book than have to wait for pages to load on the screen then have it disappear when we lose the connection. LOVE the first book – thanks 🙂 – and am looking forward to the next set of subjects.

  161. Congratulations on book two! Horse Listening has been a huge source of inspiration and guidance for me. I’m sixty-five and have been riding dressage since I was thirty. You’d think I’d have it all down by now. But no, not even close! You have helped me immensely by helping me improve my communication with my mare. Each day I enjoy her more and more with the useful tips you provide and exercises you suggest. Thank you so much!

  162. I look forward to Horse Listening articles and repost them on my rescue site on Facebook. I use them in my personal riding and as an instructor for therapeutic riding. If I had to pick just 1 tip that has made the biggest impact on my riding and that of my students it would be 5-10-5. I use this tip for W/T/W, gait transitions, forward and backward motion and forward combined with turning, etc. Some of my more physically challenged students that can only walk use 5-10-5 to really pinpoint how their seat, hands and weight cues control the gait speed of the horse. They feel empowered knowing they are communicating and their horse is listening to them rather than the leader or side walker dictating the speed of the gait. Thank you for your down to earth sensible writing. You make good riding strategies accessible to everyone.

  163. I have learned more from the Horse Listening articles in the past couple of years, and look forward to reading your book. I have been with horses since 1972, and am always learning something. Thanks for the insights..

  164. Love your articles, clear and easy to understand. I am working on becoming a better partner with my horse and horse Listening will get us there

  165. Horse Listnbg for me has made things very very clear . Very easy to understand !!!
    I started riding as an adult at the age of 33 and all my horses have been my wonderful teachers .
    But now I am traveling along the path of dressage I love these snippets every day !!
    I send them to my husband to print out .

    So having the book … I will have if all together , at my fingertips in the coffee table , able to read ALWAYS and in good order

  166. It is my birthday Monday and book one would love to have the family complete!! I love how easy you make it…hoping to make my driving horse a better partner….starting with making myself better by understanding more!!!

  167. I am an instructor and at times
    Struggle with finding different ways to explain things. Then I look at horse listening and there I find Verbalized perfectly just what I wanted to get across. Never fails that just what I need that day seems to pop out at me. Can’t thank you enough!

  168. I love reading your Facebook posts. Great advice made easy to understand and apply. Book 2 would be a great adddition to the Book one Christmas present for my daughter xx

  169. Your trainingsystem has helped me to talk to my horse in a better way. Many of the exercises are extremly helpfull.

  170. The knowledge you articulate and are so easy to understand. thank you for sharing your passion , knowledge and experience with everyone that has deep relationships with their equine partners. I look forward to reading the featured articles because your works inspire me to be a better rider and compassionate owner!!!

  171. Horse listening has given me different ways of developing my horse. It has also given me easier ways to explain what,how and why my horses do what they do.

  172. Well I’m late to the party and I just discovered your Facebook page a couple days ago. I will be purchasing the first book because in the posts I’ve read so far I am learning how I am inhibiting some of the results I’m looking for. We have a balance issue at times and I realize I am very much the cause. So while I need the first book it would be wonderful if I have the second book to go right into.

    Good luck with the launch!

  173. Horse listening has been such a vital tool for me as I am recently “making a come back” to riding again. I rode as a teen with my then OTTB. After a nasty car accident in my 30’s, a back surgery later, I never thought I’d ride again. Reading your invaluable writings have given me the confidence and knowledge that I can get back to being the engaged, confident rider I once was. That riding is a lot like any relationship in life- give, take, listen, respect and effectively communicate. The passion for riding never dies, in my case it was just dormant for while. I’m excited to read this book and continue to improve as a rider and equestrian and to always learn more. Thank you for this opportunity to share my story with you. Wishing you continued success and thank you for all you do.

  174. Horse Listening has helped me pinpoint problems I’m seeing in my students, strategize some options to repair or advance their riding, and better articulate my coaching. Horse Listening has also drastically increased my confidence in my coaching and my own riding skills. I’m sure my horses and my students are thankful for the better communication and what Horse Listening CAN do is continue the fabulous blogs that have helped so many of us!

  175. Horse Listening breaks riding down into small bites (maybe “bytes” is more apt) making it easier for me to focus on an issue or problem. Riding can be overwhelming–your seat, leg, etc–so taking small steps that produce small victories can lead to big improvement in the long run. It’s been a great help!

  176. Your descriptions of how to communicate with our horses while riding are so clear and sensitive. They’ve far exceeded any instruction I’ve received in dressage lessons. The fact that the steps are written is definitely helpful and your breakdown of the subtleties is superb. Thank you ever so much for starting Horse Listening! I hope I win one of your books 🙂

  177. Horse Listening has explained riding issues and helped me have understanding of my riding and what I need to do to get the results I want It has improved my riding ability and confidence not only in myself but confidence in my horse! I look at my horse in a whole new light. I love all the topics you address and I am looking forward to hearing so much more. I love Horse Listening!

  178. Horse listening simplifies ideas down to where anyone can get the concept. It helps me find ways to explain concepts to my students and helps my school horse avoid bad riding by my students. It gives me another way to explain the same concepts I am teaching. I love reposting your blog articles and tagging my students. Very often they address the same issues my students are struggling with. Keep them coming!

  179. Great info how how to understand what my horse is saying – listening is the first step and the info in Horse Listening goes way past the that.

  180. I eagerly await the newest blog and then go out and put it to use. Such a simplified understanding of how to do things, makes riding so much more demystified. Thanks

  181. I learned of your site by a friend. Your posts are realistic and have made me think of my riding and my relationship with my horse in a completely different way. Has changed my riding and my horse seems to be much happier with me! THank you!

  182. Horse Listening inspired me to do a Century Cub ride for the Dressage Foundation. So Sammie (18) and I (82) completed our ride on Oct. 19.

  183. a) What has Horse Listening done for you and your horse?
    I am a novice rider looking to develop my riding communication skills. The way you explain things in your articles really helps me to do that. As I’m still learning (and always will be), I’m not always able to achieve what you describe, but it helps me to understand what I’m working towards and really focuses my attention on the partnership with my horse while riding. And whenever I do get that snort, it’s the best feeling in the world! 🙂


    b) What can Horse Listening do for you and your horse?
    I hope that it will continue to offer me motivation, inspiration, knowledge and encouragement to improve as a rider, in constant pursuit of the type of synergy between me and my horse that will fill our hearts with happy and keep our bodies healthy.

  184. I am reentering the horse world now that my kids are grown. You have really inspired me to get in there and ride again.

  185. What has Horse Listening done for you and your horse?

    I am a new reader and I just LOOOOVE Horse Listening!!!
    Sometimes as a rider, I am asking myself : “Am I the only one to think about this or that?” And by reading your site, it makes us feel NORMAL…
    It’s well done and not too compicated like other sites or authors that make things look really difficult.
    Keep up your good work and making books is a really great idea !

  186. Reading Horse Listening has helped me have confidence when training my horse alone. I learn new exercises to try. Some specific great ones have been the 5 steps rule and how to tell your horse yes through your body!!

  187. Horse Listening breaks down the aids in a clear concise way. It is a must read for everyone who pursue the sport of dressage.

  188. Horse Listening has put down in writing what my coach tells me verbally. The information is universal, applying to western as well as english styles of riding. Sometimes just seeing the same concept in different words reinforces and deepens the understanding of the concept. I feel that I am not the only one with “issues”. Horse Listening describes very well, in a positive way, how to work on oneself to better the relationship and communication with the horse thus improving both the horse and rider.

  189. I don’t have a horse, but it has helped improve my riding so much. When I read it I come across thing extremely relevant to my riding, like how to perfect the half halt and how to keep the impulsion-everything you need! I think that it HL should just continue as it is and continuw to get riders to learn!

  190. I love Horse Listening’s clear and uncomplicated approach to riding and learning to really listen to our horses. Horse Listening has helped me to improve my riding as well as my relationship with my horse and I am so looking forward to having Book 2 on hand!

  191. This amazing book will clear up communication problems you are having with your horse and bring you to a higher more spiritual level as a rider. I would be honored to win this new book! Thanks for the giveaway.

  192. Horse Listening, as you know (I’m the owner of EquusMaluso, from Spain. Do you remember me?), is quite a special blog for me. I know I didn’t translate a lot of articles yet, but everybody loves your articles and think they are so so good. Me too. Since I discovered you and your blog, I have learnt a lot of things about almost everything, but specially about seat, half halts, and about myself as a rider. You gave me the feeling that I could be doing more, and more, and more, and that made me leave my old barn and search for a dressage trainer. And look at me today! I didn’t tell you but my lovely maestro gave me a great opportunity to buy a filly (4 years old, with a lot of hidden problems! But he will be a star), and startinig working with him as a working student. Now, I’m riding his schoolmaster, a beautiful and tall PRE that is recovering from laminitis; I’m even teaching students (well, learning to) and we are making a dressage team, with me as the captain! I’m also planning my trip to Germany this summer to train there as a working student for almost a month! I’ve learned a lot, and now I could, more or less, call myself a dressage rider. All of that is what Horse Listening has done for me, even if you don’t believe it. I own you like… A LOT! hahaha And what can it do for me? Keep teaching me the value of this lifestyle, and a lot of techniques in my riding that keeps me trying new things and busy in my riding. It’s so sad that with everything I’m having to buy for my horse, I couldn’t buy your book. I’m still praying my mum! But, anyway, I just have to thank you so so so much because my life now is thanks to your amazing blog!

    1. That’s wonderful! I do remember you and I’m thrilled for you and everything that has happened. I’m sure you’re keeping busy and working hard but it sounds like a great opportunity. Thanks for you kind words.

  193. Horse Listening’s concise and articulate explanations and descriptions boil the movements / problems / corrections into understandable solutions that I can emulate and remind myself in subsequent rides. i.e. I don’t just loose the concepts 20 minutes after reading them.
    Simple illustrations every now and then could go a long way in further supporting the explanations.
    Thanks for sharing with us everyday!

  194. Horse Listening is going to help me on my new journey with my (new) blind horse, Dusty! We’ve been riding together as lesson-horse and lesson-taker for awhile, but we are ready for our next step as horse and mom. 🙂 Thank you for such great stuff – soooo inspiring!!!

  195. I enjoy every one of your ‘lessons’ – they are clear, concise, practical & always ALWAYS have the horses interest as the primary concern with human safety and education a close second. Love them!

  196. I love Horse Listening – I save almost every Facebook post to read over and over. They are each a great nugget of knowledge, broken down into understandable steps and with rationale that all goes back to making your horse work better and mor relaxed. Some of my favorites have been the seven steps to a great canter depart, the half-halt, and explanation of the inside and outside rein. Thank you so much!

  197. This falls into the “will” column…in mid-September, I took a tumble off my spooky OTTB. I’ve been riding (perhaps inexpertly) for years, and have been fortunate in the fall department. This time, though, not so lucky. I fractured my hip & have had the luxury of reading & re-reading all of your posts since.
    This guy is different from my previous horse (another OTTB) in that he is highly reactive & somewhat intolerant of “too much” direction. I thought that I had figured out just how far to push him & when to change the action plan. Sadly, in a lesson I paid more attention to the objectives of my trainer than the frustration of my horse, with poor results.
    Instructions on the lunge are hard to find in my neck of the woods, but I will persevere until I find someone willing to help develop my “stickable seat”. A MIes Van Der Rohe approach (less is more) with this horse should work. I need to work on me before I get back to working with him.
    Everything that you post resonates as truthful and supportive of a human/horse relationship that surpasses a simple athletic engagement. Thank you for recognizing the process, and providing such clear support.

  198. I’ve only recently discovered Horse Listening and I wish I’d found it years ago. The articles make complete sense to me. They use clear language and explanations, breaking down the exercises step by step. I’m sure my horse is grateful that I have better understanding of the basic things and some new tactics when things don’t go to plan.

  199. I am 14 years old that just went from my first pony to my first horse! The first book has helped me so much. The way you explain things in your articles is so easy for me to apply in my riding and training. Thank you! Would LOVE the second book!!!

  200. I am a NON horse father with a horse crazy daughter! She reads your first book all the time. This would be much better for her face to be in book number 2 than her phone. haha! Thanks

  201. Horse Listening can read my mind!! Too many times I have had questions while riding and then find you have answered it!!

  202. I first discovered Horse Listening online and was so impressed with the well written articles I bought book one. Written in such a way that it takes the guesswork out of my learning process. Horse Listening helped me win my first dressage championship ribbon!

  203. I have the first book and love that someone shares the same philosophy in training and what is good for the horse. The rider needs to become educated and ride by feel. i look forward to each posting on FB. As an instructor it helps me validate what i teach my students. I look forward to the next book.

  204. Since you deal with normal people riding normal horses, I can use what you suggest to help me help to ride the horses i ride correctly and will continue to do so. Whatever can help me be a better rider, I’m gonna use it. Thanks!

  205. Horse listening has given me ideas and guidance as I continue to train my OTTB. It reminds me to focus on on thing at a time.

  206. I own book one and I am looking forward to book to because it has helped me so much in my training, my horse also appreciates the new work I have learned. Can it get any better?