Credit: NBanaszak Photography
Credit: NBanaszak Photography

Do you have a Golden Horse? You can spot him from a mile away.

He is "golden" because of his heart of gold. This is the horse that takes care of you even more than you take care of him. You know you can rely on him to not spook, not get unnerved and let you enjoy what it was you set out to do. In fact, it seem that he  enjoys his job even more than you do! 

If you have a Golden Horse, you will soon realize how lucky you are. You will never want to part with him. Because as you learn and grow through his graciousness, you realize how much you are benefiting from him, and how much he is giving you. Every ride becomes a gift and every workout is easy because of his willing nature. You become the rider of your dreams because he lets you!

Although that calm generosity can be learned by good training, upkeep and handling, some horses are just "born that way." So, for all the Golden Horses out there, here is a poem of gratitude.

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The Golden Horse 


Interested ears forward pricked,

patiently waiting through soft velvety nose-kisses,

the Golden Horse 

loves the grooming attention;

two hours of brushing, polishing and wiping

with nary a fuss but more like a sweet relaxation

reminiscent of a day at the spa.


Solidly standing for the mount,

quietly ambling the first strides

into 100% effort.

Team player to the point

Of two becoming one.


Reciprocal listening, flickering ears back and forth,

gives and takes and loose flowing backs,

seamless communication seemingly telepathic,

mindreading aids and signals, snorts and strides,

bounces and swings -

there is no better synergy 

than when two combine.


Patiently waiting through your confusion,

Kindly caring through less-than-perfect risk-taking,

he is the ultimate teacher

in your quest to grow.


One of a kind.

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  1. I had my horse since he was 3,5 years old, he couldn’t do a thing and he only had a gas and a brake pedal, and now I couldn’t imagine myself without my horse. His name is Oro, which actually means gold in Spanish. So if we’re talking about a golden horse.. well his name, his fur and his heart are pure gold!! 🙂

  2. Finally, at age 65, I am fulfilling a long-term dream of learning to ride. Any horse I ride is golden, as he or she puts up with my nervousness, bumbling and general ineptitude.

  3. I think I have a Golden Horse. I don’t know if he was born that way, or if it was life experiences that made him that way. Just yesterday, a neighbor with an autistic son was visiting with the horses. They visit often with treats and are always welcome. The little man’s mother told me that Templeton was playing with her boy, tickling his face and ears with his big gentle lips. She and her son were over joyed. I was too, as I watched their smiling faces.

  4. I am blessed to have 2 golden horses in my life, Rusty and Sundance. These two boys have given me so much love. I have had to work hard to earn their trust. But now I feel the unconditional love of a horse. Sissy Cortez