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During the excitement of the book release, the Horse Listening blog statistics eclipsed the 1,000,000 mark in all-time views! I've been waiting for this incredibly significant moment to announce a special celebration and - one minute it was here - and then it was gone!

So, in honor of you, the readers who are coming back time and again to peruse the articles of Horse Listening, I'd like to (finally be able to!!) offer you a giveaway!

In celebration of the blog stats, my Facebook account that also just surpassed 5000 likes, but most importantly, the exciting upcoming book release, I'd like to offer a giveaway of FIVE free, signed copies of Horse Listening - The Book: Stepping Forward to Effective Riding.

HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1

The only catch is that winners will have to wait for a while until the book is released, I receive copies, sign them and mail them out.

The giveaway will be selected through a random draw which begins immediately and will end on March 14 at midnight (as stamped on the comment box - EDT). All you have to do is post in the comments below. I'll announce the winners here on the blog on March 15, 2014.

What do you have to write?

In 50 words or less, let us know why you want the book. That's it!

Good luck and thanks for Horse Listening!


  1. I want the books because they could help me improve my riding. I don’t have the money for a teacher so I think this is the next best thing

    1. At the age of 58 I took my first ever lesson and 6 months later bought the cutest little guy …Buddy! He has been a real trouper for putting up with me! I would love the book to help us on our learning journey!

  2. OMG! Yes I WANT the book! Because—-I am horse nuts and I have so much to learn! I’m 58 years old and I have a lot to learn in what little time I have left!!!!

  3. I would love the book because I love the blog. So much good information. Not including I love having “hard copies” of good material.

  4. I would love to win a copy of your book. I have found your blogs motivational and so informative. I had a very bad riding accident a little over a year ago and was out for 6 months. When I started riding again I had huge fear issues to cope with, tried to sell my horse as I thought we weren’t gelling and very nearly gave up. However with your help and my wonderful instructor my lovely boy and I have found our “happy place” and he is no longer on the market and we have moved on to compete and regularly be placed. I’m very happy and love sharing your info with all my horsey friends. Keep up the great work and thanks.

  5. I’m very excited for you 🙂 I would be honoured to have your book and signed as my aim with the love of horses is to be a better understanding companion to them , I love learning more and more on how to assist in my riding with better balance and feel, my dream is to teach myself to be as telepathic and as one with the horse, reading your blogs interests me more and knowing you are on the right track can benefit all of us horse enthusiasts

  6. I have learned so much through your blog posts and would love the book as a quick reference to continue to challenge me to grow. Maybe some day, I’ll get to use the skills I learn on a horse of my own instead of school or borrowed horses!

  7. I have fallen in love with horses much later in life than most people and learning new complex skills is much more challenging. I need another 2 lifetimes to learn all there is to know about horses so in lieu of hopes of reincarnation I will have to settle for the brief and concise words that I read in Horse Listening. I am hopeful that the little Paint mare I have my eye on will be my first horse purchase & I can read the book with her & we will grow together as I learn horsemanship.

  8. I print all the articles and re-read regularly. It would be so nice to have them organized in book form. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  9. The reason that I would like to receive a free copy of the new Horse Listening book is because I truly value the information contained in the Horse Listening posts and it would be a wonderful resource to have all of the posts in one place. Also, since I don’t get to ride everyday, I like to continue to hone my skills by reading as much about riding as possible in between rides.

  10. I bought my first (and probably only) horse three years ago and although I’d ridden once or twice in my life, I don’t have a lot of experience. Your columns are extremely helpful, clear, and practical. I’ve learned a ton from your blog and that’s why I want a copy of your book.

  11. My horse has been such a blessing to me as I have battled cancer the last seven years.Unable to ride at various times, just being together has calmed my spirit. My mare’s unconditional love sustains me. I truly believe that we need to have quiet time with our horses and listen to them.Your wise words thru your blog make me hungry for more learning.

  12. Being 72 years old and still riding and loving it. I continue to learn every day I am with horses, which is daily. Never, never, never quit learning, and riding, and loving these horses.

  13. I am a beginner to the horse world – I am 49 years old and have always wanted a horse of my own. When I was a girl, I had posters plastered on my bedroom walls dreaming of the day I’d own my own precious horse. My parents were not able to give me one and when I grew up, life got in my way. Now I can finally pursue my dream of owning this magnificent creature. I’m enrolled in English riding with an awesome instructor and I read and watch all materials I can get my hands on to fulfill my dream.

  14. I’ve just come back to riding after many years to raise my family and I am now taking dressage lessons on a friend’s horse. Your blogs seem to follow what I am learning and have provided me with so much great information and support! I would love to have the book!

  15. I would love the book as each blog peice is inspirational and pushes me to think carefully about how I can have a unintentional effect on the horse. They continue to help me move forward with my riding leaps and bounds. With a book I can revisit particular subjects again and again.

  16. I would love a copy of Horse Listening to add to my collection of Equestrian books. I feel that many people in my generation (I’m 28yo) under value paper books because of the technology we now have. I have made it a personal goal to have an extensive collection of Horse books from all of the different schools of riding, ie classic, european, western, english, etc. I think this would be a fabulous addition to my library.

  17. I want the book because I love this blog and find your posts very helpful to my riding. I always try to see things from my horse’s point of view and believe in the value of classical dressage.

  18. I love the way you break down the difficult and serve it up so simple to understand. I would be thrilled to receive an autographed copy by you, hot off the press! I have so much to learn, one lifetime is not enough. Congratulations on the publishing of your book!

  19. I want the book because you blogs have helped me in my effort to ride again after 42 years. I am 67 years young and am loving my horse and riding again. Your blog has encouraged, taught, and refined my riding and also my care of my horse. Thank you, can’t wait for the book. I know it is going to the best out there.

  20. I want this book because you’re never done learning. It’s amazing how sometimes certain information and communication can make such big differences with you and your horses. I don’t want to do things the hard way. I want to do things the knowledgeable way.

  21. you have a knack for describing the problem as well as the solution, as well as me (at 58) being able to remember it the next time I on a horse. I would love to have your book!!

  22. I would love to win a copy of your book. You articles are written in simple terms anyone can understand and apply. I often send my students to your site. I also post links on Facebook and tag my students in the comments stating that the link was required reading. Many of your articles are exactly what my students are struggling with. It is great to be able to send them to an article that is saying the same thing I am but in a different way. I am sure the book would be lent out to my students regularly.

  23. Learning to ride…and to ride not only well, but excellently has been a life long dream. I see developing Horse Listening skills as an essential part of achieving that, and for good horsemanship and a happy and wonderful relationship with such fine animals. Part of that is learning to ride with sensitivity to the horse’s needs…with respect for its comfort and pleasure too. Your book will help me with these…and not only will I benefit from it, but so will other people I know. They would see first hand what your book is about so they can learn about these things and order it for themselves. (I won’t be lending this book out as I will want it for regular reference, I am sure.)
    These are the reasons I really want your book!!

  24. A friend e-mailed me a link to the Horselistening Blog and I found it so useful I have sent it on to several other friends including the young lady I give informal lessons to. I’ve been struggling with “how to” execute movements and often don’t have a clear picture of what I should be looking for as far as outcome and your articles have really helped clear up some of my misconceptions. It is amazing how many of them come out at a time when that particular topic is something I have been puzzling through. Thanks for sharing your insights and I can’t wait to win one of your books.

  25. I have been following your blog for quite some time, I think it started with the posting trot article. Your write-ups have a way of always showing up at the right time to support something I am either struggling with or learning a new in my lessons. Complex ideas put into understandable and funny posts….perfect. Keep it up.

  26. You write so eloquently about Dressage; you have a gift for communicating things that are difficult to explain. I can’t tell you how many of your blog posts I’ve kept and read and re-read especially when I’m about to go for a ride. You’ve given me some wonderful a-ha moments. I have a wonderful instructor but I consider you my virtual instructor. Having your wisdom in a book format would be the best gift I could receive. My mare, Tiger Lilly, would be so appreciative too. She gets tired of trying to explain things in her own way.

  27. Yes, I’d be excited to win a copy! I very much enjoy reading the blog and would love to add this new book to my horse-learning library. I love to apply what I read to my relationship with my horses.

  28. I am a 60 year old woman getting into dressage after riding hunter jumpers for years. I’ve learned so much about the softer way to ride throughout your blog since I discovered you. It has made me a softer and more knowledgeable rider and I want to continue with my education and put my reckless riding far behind me as I develop a partnership with my new horse.

  29. Firstly – congrats for you! I would love a copy of this book, because it is filled with very valuable horsemanship information. We never have enough of it – that is, if you want to learn something new that make’s a difference. It’s easy to “get information”, but it’s the “good information” we need, and should look for. In today’s world there is “Lots” of information going around, but sometimes it’s the source and/or technique that is “so-so”….
    It’s a bit like finding a trainer, there are lots of them out there, but you have to choose the right one, if you want to learn the “right stuff” – and not some old version of something that is not only “expired” but may be hazards, in long term results…

  30. Nothing but good sense and simple advice, peeling away all the complications and emotion. Maybe putting things another way helps, but having the clarity of mind and purpose certainly adds depth and volume to the meaning.

  31. Every posting teaches me a little bit more about how to better interact and communicate with my mare. I am a late bloomer from a horse ownership point of view (50 years old this year) but my mind is actively learning so many new things about my passion (though I was a childhood horse-aholic!). Regardless of whether or not I get a book, I want to thank you for making such fabulous information available to me and I love sharing it with all my Facebook friends.

  32. As a coach and trainer I am always sending my students to your site. You write my thoughts so I don’t have to. Your book will give me even more resources to show them. Thank you

  33. A genuine partnership is what I aim for, excelling whilst having the horse with me every step of the way, not fighting it. Cohesion and a willingness to try. You never stop learning and everyone can teach you something. Love your work!

  34. I will be happy to buy the book and you can be sure I will be purchasing more to give as gifts to my students. Your contribution to horses and horse lovers is greatly appreciated, by at least a million of us!!! Congratulations and THANK YOU!

  35. Congratulations! I would love a copy of your book because you are psychic! Every post I have read held the exact message I needed to hear that day. My own copy will allow me to read, re-read, quote, share and “hear” your words more deeply. Thank you ❤️

  36. I find the articles you have shared with us are very relevant and timely. They are easily read and understandable. The articles have helped to clarify some questions that were wondered about and those not even thought of at the time. The end result is to make a better union between horse and rider – truly a wonderful working relationship.

  37. I have been enjoying Horse Listening for quite a while. Your easy to read and understand writing style is wonderful. I am very glad you have a book coming out soon. I am sure it will be a hit. I would love to have my very own copy. It will be a great reference book and should be in every horse person’s library.

  38. I would love to win your book. I’m a senior riding without instruction and really need your help. I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed :). Love the easy to follow information you are so kind to share. Thank you so much.

  39. If my mare could speak, she would say: “Please give my human one of your lovely books. With your blog she has improved her partnership with me. With your book we will be so harmonious that we just might show! Thank you for your kind consideration. ~ Lucina

  40. I would love your book because I thourghly enjoy reading your blog. You write so well and what you write just makes so much sense and is easy to follow and understand. Congratulations on your million views!!

  41. I am- 65 year old begining rider. I have learned so much from your blog. Just can’t wait for the book.

  42. I would love a copy of this book as have found your descriptions helpful to me as an instructor. Sometimes I need to use a new way to describe the basic concepts I am trying to teach to beginner riders and your blog has helped immensely. In fact, I assign my students different articles to read and then they need to use those to analyze their own experience with that concept and their horse for that week. It helps give even beginning teen and adult riders a great sense of the horsemanship experience and their responsibility to listen to their horse, their teach. While listed as an instructor I am their coach or translator as they learn the equus language.

  43. I’d love a copy of the book because I love your blog!! And I love my horse! And together, we can do great things!

  44. I would love a book!!! I love your blog and have learned a lot since I started following you.
    Do I mention I would love to win a book

  45. I’ve been riding since I was 12. I’m now 61 and have started up again after a hiatus of 13 years. I ride because I have a 13 year old daughter with mental illness and being around horses (even cleaning paddocks) helps me center myself and realize that there is more to life than the next crisis with my daughter. Your website has helped me so much in learning to visualize what i want my body to do while riding.

  46. As a lifelong learner, a horseman and a teacher, I have been moving in my journey to work with horses and students in a respectful way focusing on learning to listen to our horses, to feel what their bodies are telling us. I have been incorporating these concepts and Parelli with my hunter and dressage students. I have been sharing your articles with my students that address some of their specific problems. A copy of your book would be a valuable tool for my students, their horses and myself

  47. Hello, first off congratulations on the writing of your book. I have been following your posts and find them very helpful and inisghtful. I love horses and find it quite interesting to understand how they think and to become one with your horse. I would love a signed copy of your book, however I feel it should go to someone that may not be able to afford it. I would gladly pay for a copy to allow another to possibly win the free copy.

  48. I’d like a copy of the book please. I’ve been riding horses for 8 years with my family, and there can never be too much knowledge when it comes to riding. I really love the tips in the blog, and my favorite was the one about how riding becomes life.

  49. I have been receiving the blogs for a few months, but find them so enjoyable, educational and easy to read and understand! I am an older dressage rider who didn’t start really riding until I was in my 40′s (kids in high school so I can do something I want!) so I feel as though this has given me so much info that I never got when I was younger. this book will be so handy to just pick up and read on a topic. thanks!

  50. I want to be considered for your book because I would love to have it as a “handbook” that I can take to the barn. I find your blogs so helpful, it would be great to “write in the margins” and really embrace your writing!

  51. I would love a copy of your wonderful book as I would love to improve my bond with my very special boy Hammer who saved me after a bad car accident six years ago. Our bond means everything to me and if I can make his life better then maybe I can return some of what he gave me ♥

  52. I love reading your tips as my mare and I are having a better understanding of each other, having more productive rides and more fun. I feel like I have more control with less attitude from her….. Thank you

  53. Kathy, I’ve been riding my whole life, started on a ranch with the good ole ranch horses, have trained a few and just a couple of years ago started broadening my horizons to include English flat and some jumping. I LOVE the new outlook and the ideas and training I am getting through the English world. It has helped my, it has improved both my western and English riding and the skills of both my horses! And at my age of a young 49 I am still excited to get out and ride, spend quality time with my horses and learn new approaches. Your skill at simplifying the movements, breaking down the small ideas to get the big picture have been a great help to us. I would love to be able to access all that knowledge in one place! Thanks!

  54. OMG…..I want this book so bad I’m going to go ahead and buy it because I can’t wait a day longer to get it! If you choose me, I will have a second book to share with a friend so they can also enjoy and learn all that I have from your wonderful website.

  55. I coach an IHSA college and IEA high school and middle school,team. I am always looking for ways to further my students understand of horses, horse behavior and horsemanship. I have shared several of you’re articles with them and they love it!! I am so excited that your book is coming out and would love to share it with my students when it does.. Our budget is very limited so if I got a copy I would love to share it with some of the kids who don’t have allot of money to spend on extra things.. I love how u get to the point and everything you stay makes such ” horse sense”.. It has enriched me as well , as I try to help these kids understand the world of horses and how they as a rider play a big part in the horses welfare and happiness in doing their job for us…
    Thank you,
    Catherine Schlaeppi

  56. Your articles are always spot on, and always relevant to improving my riding. I would love to have a copy of your book!

  57. The articles I have read are clear, easy to understand and align with my personal philosophies of riding and horsemanship. I look forward to reading the book.

  58. I live in the mts of N.C.and there is absolutely no instruction for riding my horse. Finlandia is a Holsteiner. I bought him when he was 20 mths old. I taught him to go under saddle, and trail ride, and now we have gone o We have since been educating each other. He makes me laugh. I have taken him to local shows, and when I say local, I mean 2.5 hrs away, and we have gon on to dressage principals. I want to be fair to my horse. He is my friend and my partner. I try to learn from reading and dvds, and from listening to Landi. I need all the help that I can get to help my horse understand what I am asking. I often read what you have posted and apply it to my riding efforts. I appreciate your knowledge. I would love to have your book.

  59. A few months ago I discovered your blog. “You had me at hello”! Imam an adult amateur, and I find each of your articles very informative, easy to understand, and I am able to put them I to practice. I am tired of printing all do these. I have told every horse friend I have about you, YES, I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK SIGNED BY YOU!!!! Cannot wait, thank you SOOOOOO MUCH

  60. thanks for your generous offer, but I will buy the book. that way I am assured of getting all the information that you offer. I love your posts, I have been printing them out and saving them for a long time.

  61. I would love a copy of this new release. As a late-start, older adult rider, I try to find as much information as I can get. I show my Saddlebred and I am always on the lookout for helpful hints that help me to become the best rider I possibly can. I have found my Pilates Reformer classes to be beneficial in terms of making me more aware of how my body moves and I apply to to my riding. I am hoping this book will do the same. Thank you for the opportunity to obtain a free (signed, no less) copy!

  62. I’m a coach, and I use items from your posts all the time! They often tweek another approach to helping my riders understand a concept, build on something we’ve already covered, or just concur with what they’ve been taught.
    “My coach might sound like she’s off of her rocker, but look…. she has company, maybe she’s onto something!!!”
    I thoroughly enjoy Horse Listening…. I’ve been doing it all my life, and I enjoy the company.

  63. Nobody going to read my comment and I am not that lucky to get it anyway. Just leaving my comment just in case. If I won’t get it… well I will go and buy it. There is nothing free In this life. It is good one more educational book is coming out. And I will continue to learn and share my knowledge with kids who has low income and can’t afford the lessons. Good enough?
    Thank you for your website.

      1. This is for Iana. Dear Iana, if you do not get this book, I would like to give it to you. I want you to have something free and maybe be the beginning of more great free things to come. You are right, there is not a lot of free stuff, but there are a lot of free things in life, Maybe not horse feed, but the feeling you get when you are with him is free. I think your luck is going to change, this is the year of the horse!!!! Good luck
        Maybe Kathy can put us in touch if you do. to get the signed book

  64. I have enjoyed and learned from your posts. Your explanations I can understand. To have your words at hand would help. I am a former rider. Three children & many years later I am ready to “start” again. I have the horse in place – actually she is a pony, closer to the ground for my older bones. I have been exercising to get in better shape now I have to get in the saddle. I will continue to read and learn, please add your book to my collection.

  65. I need a break from Mother Goose! Iam reading to my 4day old grand daughter,Corinne, and she and I would love some inspiration from Horse Listening.She’s never too young to start her equestrian life.Yipee,I see a pony listener in our future!

  66. I would love the book! Such a wonderful blog with great advise and techniques. And to have a signed copy would be an honor!!!!!!

  67. Such great insight and useful suggestions to improve riding skill, I love the blog, the only one I enjoy reading every time.

  68. Though I’m sure I’ll buy it, a signed free copy would be wonderful. As a beginner rider (though 60 years old), I really enjoy reading and thinking about the advice you give, and — when I can — trying to remember it for my lessons (the new joy of my life :-).

  69. Owning your book would round out the learning I have experienced by regularly following your articles. I tell my horse loving friends how valuable your information is to their ability to learn about horses.At age 80 would I be your oldest reader? Thank you, Pat

  70. Greetings from India, and congratulations on bringing out the book! I’m a 66 year-old horse-lover, retraining myself in the last year-and-a-half, after having been away from horses and riding for 43 years (21 to 63 years of age, because as other seniors who value your blog have said before me -’life got in the way’ )> But now I’m a ‘retired’ man,and just love your educative blog. Did I see a Persian (Iranian/Farsi) family name somewhere (such names being understandable to many of us in India)? Best wishes to you and your book.

  71. Simply put, I love your blog. Thank you! Each post allows me the opportunity to grow as a rider and horsewoman. Your writing is very easy to understand, and most importantly to apply the information. Please keep writing and encouraging us all to continue pursuing our dreams!

  72. We moved to Cyprus from South Africa a year ago and your blogs have helped to keep me motivated and stimulated which considering my profession as an Equestrian Instructor and professional dressage rider (only up to Prix St George) is crucial. I would absolutely love a signed copy of your book.

  73. I would love to have your book. I discovered you and since that time I am addicted to the wonderful information you give us. I have applied many of your teachings with a great result. Would be wonderful to have all this information in a handy book. THANK YOU!!!

  74. I vowed I would never get on a horse . I vowed I would never wear jodhpurs. I can’t canter and my trot is questionable. But after reading your blog , I can steer ! Your book can’t help with the jodhpur issue , but imagine where my riding could go!

  75. Oh my goodness! Congrats on your numbers! That’s so awesome! That is such a huge accomplishment!
    I would really love to have a copy of your book. I would like to have all your awesome posts compiled into one book that I could have referenced in one place at my fingertips. Also, if one of my riding friends have a question or an issue, I can say, hey, Horse Listening has a solution to almost everything in their book, they are trustworthy experts in this field, let’s check out what they have to say.
    Again, congrats, and not to be too forward, but I hope I am one of the lucky winners of your draw.

  76. I want the book because I love your outlook on horse training and riding, and am too far away to take lessons with you, which is what I’d really like to do. I’m excited about the book, as it would be the next best thing.

  77. I would like this book because it explain in a unique style the art of riding. I found the horse and rider s relationship in the various riding dissipline are explained. In a technically correct way but together with – That the bond of friendship between horse and comes through as well.

  78. The articles in Horse Listening are very helpful. The information is given clearly and gets right to the point. I have learned so much reading them and would love to have them all in one spot so I can quickly at the barn review an article relating to my training that day.

  79. Your blogs are amazing and finally make dressage easier for me to understand! Congratulations on your success and thank you for Horse Listening. I would love to own the book!

  80. I feel your posts have helpt me to understand some otherwise complicated areas of riding. it woudl be great to have these explanations all in one place and easily mobile so i can take to the yard for quick revision prior to a ride!!

  81. Congratulations on your milestone, Horse Listening! Looking forward to your next milestone: your wonderful book compiling all of your wisdom in one place!

  82. I am always looking for ways to improve my riding and care. Horse Listening provides so many great views on a wife variety of topics. I’d love to add this book to my ever-growing collection.

  83. I would love your book as I love your blog – it just makes sense and is written so well. If I don’t win the book I am buying it anyway! I just wish you wrote more frequently since there’s so much more to learn!! Thank you so much for having such a great blog!

  84. Congratulations on your book! You really have a knack for listening to horses and translating that to others! My beautiful horse and I are all ears, sometimes it seems like you were watching. My riding instructor first sent me a link to your pages, so glad she did. I would share your book with my riding buddies!

  85. the giveaway is great….but I want you to really celebrate with a book launch….wine, etc…working on bahr’s….should also call system fencing, greenhawk et al.

  86. Since I am a student hoping to have a career in coaching, training, and competing I grab any good inexpensive equine resources I can find. I have learned so much from this blog and it has helped me become a quieter more effective rider. This book would help me fine tune my riding skills even further and help my pursue my career in eventing.

  87. I want the book because as an “older” adult I realize that Effective riding is so much more than “just” going around and around without a goal. I LOVE to read how to help my horse move more freely and efffectively and concentrate on teaching through “whispering aids”. I had my first foal almost 2 years ago and her training is quickly approaching so its a perfect time to get reading “Effective Riding”!

  88. I would love a copy of your book. What a great reference to have your blog articles in one handy portable site. You have a knack for distilling the sometimes confounding terminology of dressage into concise easy to understand explanations. Thank you for that!

  89. When I improve my riding, not only to I enjoy my horses more, my horses enjoy me more. I have two wonderful horses who give to me daily. They deserve the best rider I can become.

  90. So glad you are publishing a hard copy. Your articles have been so well written and can be understood by riders of all levels. I have forwarded your posts to my students regularly with the statement “That is what I’ve been trying to explain but she says it better” added many times. This book will be among the best gifts to be shared among horse people.

  91. I have rescued 5 horses and a donkey. I am 40 and have been riding and training since I was 8. Rescue horses are always a challenge in that you don’t know what type of abuse they have endured. It is always nice to have a fresh perspective when I reach a dead end in working and riding them. I immensely enjoy reading your insight into Horse Listening. Because that truly is what it is. They will tell you if you just listen.

  92. I would so LOVE to receive a free, signed copy of your book…totally look forward to reading your blog

    1. I certainly didn’t provide much of a comment on ‘why’ I want this free copy…so, in addition to the above, let me say I greatly value your sage advice…practical and straight-forward, in terminology that is understandable (unlike some others I’ve read where it just boggles my intelligence)… Thank you, and will definitely buy my own copy of not successful in the give-away 🙂

  93. I have a little sign on my horses stall door. It is there to remind me. It is a pledge to my partner. It says, “Max, I promise that today I will ride with you to the very best of my ability, and I thank you ahead of time for your never ending patience with my mistakes.” Horse Listening has helped me to be not only a better rider, but a better partner with my horse. It has taught me to keep in focus that it is a privilege to have such a relationship with these unbelievable animals. You always talk about the relaxing “snort” of relief that the horse may give when all is well and the both of you are working as one. Yesterday I got one of those snorts and it almost brings tears to my eyes right now when I think how incredibly good that moment was. Thanks to you at Horse Listening. I would love to have a copy of your book.

  94. I found your blog when it showed up in my inbox one morning. I LOVE your blog because it presents short, simple, effective ideas for riders of all ages, levels and experience. I ride alone and having a go-to book with a plan and solutions is a real bonus. (FIFTY!! :o)

  95. I would love the book so that all your extremely valuable pieces of advice are in one place and I wont keep losing them!!

  96. Everything I have read in Horse Listening resonates with how I want to be with my horses.
    Your writing helps me stay conscious of what is truly important to remember and to maintain the sensitivity and connection with my horses.
    Thank you. I am really looking forward to your book.

  97. Love the blog! Insightful easy tips that make sense. I would love a copy of this book to assist me in moving forward in my riding and think it would be a great addition to my regular riding lessons. Oh and I forgot to mention I’m a huge book nut!

  98. I’d love to win a copy of your book because I often share your tips with my coach! I love my coach, but sometimes a different approach or a different way of saying something is beneficial.

  99. Wow I can’t believe how many of these people must be here regularly but never usually comment
    I would love to be entered into the draw. I want a copy of your book because I think it works for so many levels of riding. At the moment I’m at a level where you help me get more out of the real basics of getting around the school. I believe that I can read something now and learn from it but come back in a year and get something new out of it, and maybe in 5 years build on it and get something else. You write for all skill levels, not just the elite or beginners.

  100. I have been a horse listener from before I knew what that meant. I believe it is a gift from God to have a heart for horses. I have kept all of my horses forever and I still learn and listen every day. LOVE Your writings, you are a gift to horse women and men so we can continue learning. Every day is a blessing ~ Thank YOU!

  101. I want your book because horses are my life and your blog teaches me such important things about them in manageable, understandable bites. I will, of course, buy it as soon as I am able because it will be great to have it all in one place. You are the best trainer I have ever had.

  102. Horselistening posts have been a GoTo place for my horse journey. To have a quick hard copy reference to hand when the power is out or batteries die would be wonderful.

  103. You learn from every instructor you ride with and every book, blog, post that you read. I would like the book to keep adding tools to my tool-box. Thank you for sharing your horse experience with all of us. And congrats on the million views and on the release of your book!

  104. You’ve inspired me so much about horses and how to listening them. I’m only 16, and I have just been riding for a year and a half, but I’m fighting to be a professional; and I really think that your book could help me a looot!

  105. I am the horse program director for the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in Minot, ND. I want the book for myself so I can continue to improve to better serve our kids. I want the book for our kids who’s work with horses help them heal the trauma of their past and prepare for their future. Most of all I want the book for our horses, who show up for us all everyday, believing with patience and grace that we are working to understand them better Our horses and kids thank you for the work you do

  106. I will LOVE to have the book because I like to learn & take it to practice. I´m a trainner, a sport psycology, a fitness trainner for ridders & an event organizer for equestrian events in México. I will love to read the book and then share it with my country.

  107. I always enjoy your tips. I utilize most of them. Thank you for your love and concern for all of the horses!!

  108. So excited that your book is soon to be published. It would be such a pleasure to receive a signed copy, I love the common sense advice and easy to understand format you present.

  109. I have gained so much information from your emails and I I would love to have the book. I have a 3yr old I am working with and just getting back into the horse world after 37 years so I can use all the help I can find. So much has changed and more knowledge is available than ever before and I would be blessed to receive a copy of the book.

  110. I would love to win a copy of the book. My coach suggested your page as she told me she uses it as a lesson guide. I don’t have much money, I receive my lessons for free as part of my pay for working on a horse farm. I am 60 years old today and not a strong rider but I still try. I store all of your blogs on my computer but rarely get a chance to go back and read them so the book would be amazing for me. I was going to buy it so why not take a chance right ?

  111. I would be honored to receive a copy of your book. I have read and saved a lot of your tips. When I have an issue with a movement or a response from any of my horses, I find your tips very helpful. Great aha moments! My horses are now responding well and their engagement has improved greatly. Thanks so much!

  112. I would love your book. I read through your blog site at least once a week. It would be so lovely to have your articles in book format. I’ve learned so much from what you’ve shared. Thanks

  113. So much to learn. So little time. I can leave books where, from time to time, I have a few moments. On the chair in the kitchen for those first few sips of coffee…OK I confess I can take it with me for my morning constitutional. Then maybe in the evening, in the same chair for a sip of wine. Computers, iPhones just aren’t the same for these 5-6 paragraphs of info… Because otherwise, its horses, paying for horses, working for horses… oh a fitting in my husband and family too!

  114. I cant wait for your book to come out and would love to be entered into the drawing for a signed copy. Your blog is a treasure of information! I have been teaching lessons for 13+ years and really respect your perspective of riding. I especially loved your post on Beautiful Old Horses (I enjoy and love ALL of your articles!!!). My Westpahlen mare was in my lesson program until she was 28 years old. I had an “experienced” dressage student that actually refused to ride the old girl. I explained how much she could teach her, but the woman wouldn’t listen. Anyway riders need to take into consideration that regardless of the discipline horses should stay sound into their later years. I have seen many dressage trainers (and other trainers as well) that cant keep their horses sound into their later years and it really saddens me. So please keep the articles coming!!!! And I can’t wait for your book to come out.

  115. I absolutely LOVE your blog. As a newer Dressage rider I find the articles very helpful and am often sharing them on Facebook for reference. I have even gone back and re-read several. I would love my own copy of them compiled together that I can reference again and again. This will make a great gift for the riders in my life too!

  116. I stumbled across Horse Listening, I am not even sure how. I print off all the articles and my grandaughter and I read them together. She recently started riding and did her first schooling show. She scored a 67.9. She was so excited. We both get so much our of it. If I were to win a copy of your book I would give it to her. She would love it so much. She is 14 and has a wonderful, bright future in riding ahead of her.

  117. I want the book because….. first your explanations of how to do things is written in laymen terms anyone can understand. Second I have a really hard time remembering what I have read and having your book to reference while I am riding would be the biggest help to me.

  118. Yes I would love a copy of your book, please!!!
    I LOVE & understand everything you write ,such a refreshing concept .
    My boss wants me to have a copy, than I will stop printing becasue I intended to make a book of my own.

  119. I would love this book because I can only afford a trainer for my daughter who shows so everything I learn is from your blog (and second-hand training fm her trainer). But I print your blogs and refer to them often. Easy to read and follow.

  120. Just discovered Horse Listening and have learned so much from you in a few short weeks! Would LOVE a copy of your new book.

  121. In essence, you have the ability to translate eloquently what & how we need to listen in the most subtle of ways to our mount; hence, an enjoyable & relaxing ride! That is why I need this book!

  122. I like what you have done here. Your informative snippets are nice to go through and a nice break from our daily duties. I go back from time to time to refresh. I am not riding right now but will be returning to horses once I semi retire. Keep up the good work

  123. I am 59 years of age. Owning & riding horses as well as living with multiple sclerosis since I was 12 years old. Until 2013 that is. I had total shoulder replacements in both arms & a Level 5 lumbar fusion with t-lif. No riding for me since March 2013. Your recently discovered blogs have allowed me to ride in my mind & work toward my goal of getting back on a horse this April, safely for me & my horses. Thank you!

      1. I am really fortunate to have a therapeutic riding center nearby so my first times back in the saddle will be under the skilled supervision of a certified PATH instructor. Their horses are kind & wise. My own horses have been loafers at my sister’s farm, so there will be lots of ground work before we ride together again. Especially with my 15 yr. old, highly reactive, but oh such a joy to ride, Hanoverian/TB/AQHA gelding. I will probably start with riding his mom- at 27 years, she is a gem. Getting stiffer, but sound & happy – she is Hanoverian/AQHA born on the farm. She & I would have benefitted from words like those on your blog, as I trained her without a professional trainer. But 23 years ago social media not even a twinkle in the eye & PCs infancy stage. So even with my physical challenges, my horses have remained the most important element in my life!

  124. I would love a copy of this book. I started riding in my 30’s because my daughter was riding. I now coach beginners to help pay board for her two horses. I always look forward to your posts as they help me with my riding, and also with my coaching!

  125. I am on admission to learn! I would love a copy if the book because I do not have internet at home and have to read the blog from my cell phone. I love this site!

  126. I am a regular reader of your articles. They are all so informative and put in simple language that everyone is able to understand. I also teach beginners riding and also am a leader of a local 4H horse club with members of various ages. This book would be great for the 4H members to borrow. The articles are great to read and reread as a refresher, therefore, with owning the book, I would have all the articles in one place at my fingertips whenever it is needed.

  127. I have to leave another comment! I will buy your book – don’t need to win it, but you signing the copy would be great. Reading all of the comments for this “contest” was fabulous & a testimony to your ability to connect to so many. Your offer of the free book was an ingenious way to get so many to share their horse relationship experiences. That there are so many “women of a certain age” posting shows that the fire in the belly of horsewomanship is not “just a phase” that many of us heard during teenage years. Your blog is truly connecting and inspirational! Don’t stop helping riders and horses keep communicating in the clear, kind and consistent that our magnificent equines deserve! Thank you, thank you!

  128. I would love a copy of this book because I really need to understand what makes my wonderful Fjord/Percheron cross tick. He definitely has a mind of his own!

  129. I love, love, LOVE this blog because the author makes such good sense and puts everything in easy to understand, easy to practice segments. my daughter and her horse have used and learned many of her suggestions. I cannot wait to for this book to come out!

  130. I would love to have a copy of your book because I am always striving to be a better rider and even though I am 61 and have ridden a long time, your blogs have helped me tremendously. I value what you have to say and my two horses appreciate it too! Thank you.

  131. I took my first horse riding lesson last year at 50 year old. I work my lessons off at the ranch and many times I skip my lesson in order to clean more. I have learned a lot by supplementing my lessons with reading your blog. Many times, reading your blog gives that “AHA” moment that I didn’t get at my lesson. Thank you for having such diverse topics and written so that even a “newbie” can learn!

  132. I’ve been using your blog to learn better riding techniques for my horse and I. The book would be easier to carry around than my laptop.

  133. I’ve ridden all my life, but approaching 55 I finally feel that I’m understanding more of what I’m really trying to do and to ask of the horse. I enjoy your insights so much, they really help confirm the more positive, educational direction in which I’m moving.

  134. I really enjoy receiving your posts and congratulate you on your millionth. I love my horses and would love a copy, but I would give my copy to a very dear friend named Winky who I had boarded w/ yrs ago. She is in her 80’s and lost her beloved Chai, who she rescued, to old age about 8 yrs ago, after just losing her husband to cancer very unexpectedly. She had been thru several different types of cancer also and time w/ Chai was her way of dealing w/ it. She understood grace and compassion for animals, taught us “youngsters” a lot about being w/ her horse, and I’m sure would love to be able to read your insights. She doesn’t own a computer so doesn’t get to follow blogs such as yours. And she dearly misses her horse and her horse friends. Thanks for doing what you do!

  135. I have read the blog and the author’s approach with horses is right on. I would love to have a copy of the book to read and then re-read when weather is better so I can use the suggestions with my three year old filly who needs a job. Additionally, she needs a teacher, (me) who can help her develop her skills. Thanks for your consideration.

  136. I would LOVE to get a signed copy of the book! I teach lessons and your concise, easy to understand explanations are a very useful tool.
    Keep up the great writing!

  137. as an adult student, the (internal) decision to take something up fuels the drive to progress. adults also learn differently than kids do and we’re keen for resources like yours. i’ve learned plenty, reading your posts! your book is a wealth of information that i’m very excited to get into!!

  138. I would love your book for my 19 year old daughter Olivia, who is following her passion of horses into an equestrian career. She has been a working student at a barn for 9 years and will gain much knowledge and enjoyment from your book. She’s awesome with horses!

  139. I love reading the Horselistening blog posts. It will be a tremendous help to keep that information readily available in book form! Can’t wait to see it!!

  140. I am getting back into dressage after a couple years off, due to my mare’s injury. I read your articles all the time. They remind me of the “basics” that I’ve been learning throughout my whole riding career. I would love a copy of your book. Thank you!

  141. I find the articles on Horse Listening very helpful, interesting and easy to understand. I’d love to win a copy of the book. 🙂

  142. I would love this book. I am always looking to better my knowledge and my riding skills. Can’t wait until it comes out. Thank you.

  143. What a wonderful & generous idea! Love using the hints and help I get from Horse Listening to help me, my horses and my students. Thank you & happy Horsing, Always! 🙂

  144. I would love to read your book, I think dressage and riding are heading in a good direction, much better than in the years of hyperflexion and other misunderstandings, and returning to the roots of great dressage. I think your blog and book support the improvement and the understanding of the horse and rider.

  145. At 50 I came back to horses after 25yrs of not riding. I have just bought an older Iceland boy, love him to bits. I was introduced to your blog only v.recently, you have already made a difference. I would love a hard copy and will be buying if not fortunate enough to win one.

  146. I’d love to have a copy of your book because I find your blogs really fill in the gaps that I need in order to understand how to ride my horse better. There are so many “trainers” out there who train with fear, intimidation and force. It is really refreshing to find someone who uses biomechanics, understanding and puts the relationship first. I have shared your blogs many times over. Keep up the good work.

  147. I personally really appreciate all the information on your site. I’ve printed out articles to take to the barn for my own riding experience, so a book would be a great reference. I also manage a barn and would look forward to having the book in our barn library.

  148. Your blogs are so great, so much to really appreciate.
    My horses and I want to ride with a song, and with you along we will never go wrong.
    The path of learning is never done, and with your help we will always have fun.

  149. I love your blog and can only imagine how much helpful information will be in your book. Like another commenter, I started riding 3 years ago at age 55 and recently adopted a rescue horse. Keep up the great work you’re doing for all of us out here.

  150. Congratulations on your book! I’d love to enter the giveaway . . . I never got over my little girl “horse crush”, and after many years of “winging it” on trail rides, I started helping a woman (who has become my friend) with her horses in exchange for riding lessons, so I can REALLY learn how to ride, and not just be a passenger. I’m a bit older (51) to be a beginner, so I find the reinforcement of reading about what I am trying to learn to be a huge help. Your blog is so helpful and informative, it would be great to have it all in one place, in a book. (Even if I don’t win the give-away, I’ll probably still buy a copy of your book. ) Thanks so much for this opportunity, and I wish you every success with your book!

  151. I would really love a signed copy of your horse listening book, as I am a keen subscriber of your blog, and love the way you word things so it is easy to understand and easy to apply with my own horse!

  152. I have so thoroughly enjoyed your blog. You give us very graphic, easy to think about and apply ways to get closer to our horses. I would love to have your book, it would be a reference and something to share with my horsey friends. Thank you for offering this.

  153. I have learned so much from “Horse Listening” so far, I’d love to have more information. I am a first time stallion owner and have found the “advice” here instrumental in bonding with him.

  154. I would like to have a book because your words have helped me to understand concepts that seemed unreachable. You have inspired those of us who are not naturally ‘gifted’, and gave us hope
    to believe that we can become the riders we hope and dream to be.

  155. To have a book of inspiration when you are searching for help with you horses would be such a joy! The words you write are wonderful reminders of how to speak horse and to listen with patience. It would be an honor to receive your book as a guide for training.

  156. Thank you for this website & all the info you give us. I would love to win a copy of your book.
    My horse & I seem to be on, not only the wrong page but a totally different book. I have to cut my lessons down to once every couple of months as at the moment I am jobless. Having a copy would be a huge help. Thx

  157. I returned to riding after many years away. Your blog has explained many of the mysteries of riding. Why my coach is telling me to ride a certain way and how it should feel. You have become a part of my coaching/riding team.

  158. I have been re-reading your posts since I found the link more than a year ago. About 2 years ago, at age 60, I realized my lifelong dream of owning my own equine partner. Your words have contributed as much to our relationship as lessons, books, articles, and videos. Thank you.

  159. I have studied horse whisperers and this book sounds like the perfect extension for that type of training. The posts are very insightful and easy to understand. A booklike this will change lives.

  160. The book: a ‘ready reference’ to take along on our riding sessions. Your posts are clear and instructive, I have gained so much from them. First horse, first lesson at age 60. Horse listening gives me confidence and understanding. Thank you.

  161. I’d love a copy to help further my relationship with my horse. She is such a wonderful trail horse and takes great care of me when we ride. She has come a long way in the almost 3 years I’ve had her and I’m looking forward to many more!

  162. There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding of the horse out there, and I am delighted to find a source that is truly helpful to the riding community. I have unfortunately just had to euthanize my life buddy due to kidney failure, and, at almost 60,am actively looking for a new horse. I love your articles and find them to be a valuable resource, particularly on those dark days where I think I’m never going to find another equine partner that will be help me through my fears, and I should just hang up my spurs. Very motivational and I thank you!

  163. Heck yes I want the book! My horse has put up with me for ten years and deserves better riding skills on my part!

  164. I want your book because I love horse and always learn from the great tips and techniques. With the book, I won’t need internet to move ahead, plus I can re read and highlight at whim!

  165. Hi! I am relatively new to Horse Listening (the past several months) and am finding that this site helps me immensely with different facets of my riding as I continue to learn and perfect. Thank you!

  166. Thank you for all your hard work and for giving away some signed copies of the book! I have to tell you that I wish I had the knowledge I received from your blogs 20 years ago! I used to think that the successful riders had some special kind of magic that I could only hope to attain. After reading each blog I gain more insight into that magical world and my hope shines bright again! Each blog demystifies another piece of the puzzle and I realize that I too can ride with magic!

  167. Knowledge, understanding and respect are powerful aids when riding. With the help of sites like yours, I gain those powerful aids and try to build a mutual respect between myself and my horse. Ultimately, my horse wanting to be with me, to work for me, would be the greatest gift.

  168. I would love a copy as I’m always looking for a better way for my partnership with my horse, trying to improve my riding to benefit him

  169. First, thank you for your blog as it is well written and provides sound information I know I can rely on. and congratulations on your book! What a wonderful accomplishment for you!
    I would like the book because I believe the knowledge you’ve obtained, and have the ability to share so well, would help me to become a better rider. After a life of taking care of everyone else, I started riding at 48 yrs old and bought my first horse at 51 yrs. Last year, I finally had the courage to show her in dressage. All that to say, you and I are both realizing that dreams do come true no matter where you are in your life. Winning the book would be a further step for me in believing in my dreams coming true. Thank you for the opportunity!

  170. I’d love this book. The writing/teaching style is clear and energetic, and I can see right now that it would easily replace several books on riding that are now on my shelf. I identify completely with the commonsense methods used, and the reasons for them. Priceless advice from a born teacher, helping us all to move ahead to success in riding.

  171. I am always looking for ways to improve my relationship with my horses. As a “senior” I need all the help I can get!

  172. Owning the book would be a great opportunity to allow me to finally get my work done at work… Instead of perusing 2-5+ tabs of various articles from your web site at any given time.
    … I say this now, but I’m sure this will actually make it worse. Which is also why I should own this book. Of course I’d love to win it, but I’ll buy it when it comes out too!
    Great site! Thanks!

  173. At 68, I am continuing to take lessons when available so books and in particular, your blog, are important resources. During our lives, with and without horses, we forget lessons…call it the flip side of good habits or bad habits. With no one there to watch you, you have to become rider, driver, and instructor all in one. Since I also mentor youth riders and drivers, I look at my education as my bag of tricks which I need translating to self talk and good advise. My very best congrats on your book! Starting and finishing a writing project is awesome. I would like the book as a part of my continuing education project. Not only will I benefit but my young friends will also be better as a result. Though I am living my childhood dream ….raising horses ( so you see, I am honor bound to be the best human I can be for their benefit.) and since they are Gypsies.. which equals quick study, they are still like children and their need for a leader who is a leader is apparent everyday. Thank you for the offer, and I appreciate your generosity as I am sure everyone else does.

  174. I was one in a million! I subscribed to the blog and you changed my viewpoint on things that I need a great deal of help on. I have a new view of resistance and our horse/person team issue of “anticipating”. I would be thrilled to win your book and deepen our partnership.

  175. I’ve been receiving your very informative, motivational, and useful emails since last year. I wish I had been introduced to Horse Listening sooner. Having your signed book at my fingertips would be wonderful!

  176. Love your blog! By the same logic, I would love to get a copy of your book!
    Thanks for all that you do. I’m constantly sharing your posts with my horsey friends.

  177. So many people are obviously in love with your articles and rightly so. I am a Dressage Coach and encourage all my students to visit your website. I have been riding and coaching for 50+ years and your articles remind me to always check the basics and to take care of the horse in his training. Thank you so much, I would love one of your books.

  178. I absolutely love this website and frequently share articles with friends and students alike. Keep up the great work. I’m very much looking forward to the book being released.

  179. Looking forward to the perfect book that will provide knowledge in easy common sense language and help me improve my riding skills so my horse will benefit long term! I have been a dedicated reader of horse listening via email for some time. Can’t wait for the book!

  180. CONGRATULATIONS on your success! If lucky enough to win a copy of your book, it will be gifted to my daughter. I’ve learned about riding by standing ring-side for countless hours and I thoroughly enjoy your writing which puts to words what I observe. My daughter may have the opportunity to start teaching this summer and I believe your book will be a valuable tool to help her communicate to her students!

  181. LOVE the way you explain things! Sinks in and has helped me so much! Would be amazing to have a hard copy with your articles organized to read through!
    Good luck on your book!

  182. I would love to receive a copy of your book. I just found your blog today through a dressage club’s Facebook page. I have always felt like I receive information in my life when I am ready. I have been riding and playing with horses for 57 years. I am ready for this. Reading just a few of your articles today, I am impressed with how clear the information is. Another piece of the puzzle to make a connection. Congratulations on a job well done!

  183. Why do I want the book? Simply because Horse Listening is one of the few blogs that highlights Good Riding is Good Riding – period. Once you have body control and proper movement, not only is any discipline possible, but our best friends will be healthier and happier.

  184. Would love a chance at winning this book. I want to learn all I can to improve my horsemanship!

  185. I found your Horse Listening page purely by accident and what a great accident it was! I ride western and your posts have been a tremendous help to me and helps me get a better understanding. Great FB page, great blog, awesome all around help! Thank you!!! (47) lol

  186. I love your FB page and blog, excellent help! I am an amputee with my first horse and we are learning together. I got him as a yearling in 2007, our training is going slow, but that’s ok, we have a lifetime together and need to be safe. I love him so much and he seems to take care of me most times but does tend to be spooky a lot. He has been the best therapy for me, I used to have a lot of anger issues and he has really helped me mentally and physically. I would love to win a copy of your book and someday take more lessons

  187. I want the book because I have been sharing the info gleaned from the blog with anyone and everyone. So having a SIGNED copy would be fantastic!

  188. I would love a copy of your book, as I try not to miss a posting on Facebook. I waited years to buy the perfect horse, schoolmaster type that I could continue to learn on. What happened was I fell in love with a big, 6 year old, still a little green, perfect, beautiful mare. We hit it off. This is an exciting, unplanned journey for me. The book would be most helpful! Thanks.

  189. I would love the printed book! I bought the electronic book for my kindle. I share every article with at least one of my riding friends. I discuss say least one article a week with my instructor. Many have told me how much they appreciate my sharing of your wonderful articles. I then direct them to your FB page.

  190. Hi, I would love you’re book because we have just taken on two yearlings – our first ever young uneducated horses after many years of more experienced ones and we feel a little like fish out of water. I absolutely love reading your posts and have never heard such clear insights into the art of riding.

  191. I cannot wait for this book. I’m starting to shop for my first horse and know that I have tons more to learn. I’ve ridden for years but want to know how to really listen and connect with my horse.

  192. love your fb page it is simple to understand and gives a better understanding of termanology, i look forward to reading your book and keeping it a usefull resource i would love a signed copy however if i dont win one ill be buying a copy !!
    thank you for this informative fb page and now this movivational book 🙂

  193. I would love a signed copy of your book. I always read your post and sharm them on Facebook for my horse friends to read. Maybe the luck of
    The Irish May come my way 🍀🍀🍀

  194. I’ve been reading all your articles on a daily basis for I don’t know how long now. I find them so very helpful. If the book is any where near as good as all the helpful articles you’ve put out here, then I’d love it!

  195. Your Facebook articles resonate with me! Being an older rider you give me advice I can apply and hope that I can succeed! Thank you!!!!!

  196. You may take my name out of the drawing – I received my copy today (in perfect condition!) and am now about to settle in to read – will probably be up all night, but this will be great. I’m sure I will refer to it and reread it for years to come. Thank you very much for publishing your book!

  197. I enjoy all the posts on Facebook. Where I live there is not much in the way of good instructors. I work alone most of the time and need all the help I can get.

  198. Every morning I look forward to reading horse listening on FB,so many great insights into improving my horsemanship and a happy horse. The tips are great for any riding style, i ride western and show a cutting horse. Would love a signed copy of your book effective riding.

  199. As an instructor I teach my youngest students to ride correctly from their seat and not their hands. At other barns I see students jumping after just a few lessons and the poor ponies suffer and students get hurt from being bucked off. Being able to share good teaching tips will ensure my riders stay safe and create a new generation of kind and knowledgeable riders.

  200. I stepped into the show ring for my first ever ridden classes this year and am about to turn 50. I have a new found passion and am thirsty for knowledge and guidance. What I’ve read of your instructions makes so much sense and I want to read more!

  201. I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and applying them to my rides. I love having hard copies of books so I can carry them with me out to the riding ring (and occasionally to lunch :). Thank you for your lessons.

  202. I wake up earlier than needed every morning just to read your blog. I had two very bad accidents with my horse last year (bucking), receiving six broken ribs the first incident and three broken vertebra with the second. Thanks to your writings and an awesome trainer, we are on the road to recovery. Because of Equestrians like you, I didn’t give up on my gelding, or on riding. For that, I am so grateful! He and I are bonding again and having a great time again, doing well and enjoying our experiences. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…. I truly can’t wait to read your new book!!

  203. I would love to have your book, to delve even deeper into skillful riding. You have a way with words, which make a clear picture of concepts that I have struggled to understand.

  204. Because I love your posts and have shared them with several of my horse buddies!! I learned to ride at 32 and got my first horse at 33, an amazingly gifted 16 yo thoroughbred. It has been an rewarding 2 year journey, getting to know him, and getting to know myself better through our riding. Your blogs are incredibly helpful because you break it down into steps, and focus not only on riding techniques but also on the relationship with the horse. Would be honored to get your book!!

  205. I read your posts everyday. As a riding instructor and student of the horse, the articles are a reminder and inspiration to be the best teacher and horse “listener” that I can be. Your book would be a treasured addition to my library. Bless you!

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  208. I’ve taken a lot of dressage lessons throughout the years, but now my focus in riding is to simply do the best I can with each horse I ride, and ride in harmony with the horse. I’ve found the Horse Listening articles insightful, helpful and relate to what I believe to be most important – a respectful, gentle relationship between horse and rider. I share these insights with my students and look forward to having this book in our library here at Equine Spirit Sanctuary.

  209. I have followed Kathy in her passion and dedication to her horses, riding, and life, for a long time. I’m proud of her and her accomplishments in the horse world. It would be a pleasure to have her first book. Thank you for you wisdom Kathy, you are a great teacher. :0)

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