You can imagine my surprise when Glenn Hebert of The Horse Radio Network approached me to do a radio show segment about my blog post, "20 Ways Horse Riding Becomes Life Itself"!

I was just like one of those kids at the back of the class when the teacher calls on her to answer a question:

"Who? ME??"

Yes, folks, he really meant me!

Have you heard of the radio show? I have been a fan of the Dressage Radio Show from back in the days when Heather Blitz would give us training updates about her riding sessions with a young, 6-year-old horse named Paragon that she simply adored.

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Since then, I've listened to other shows of the Horse Radio Network such as Stable Scoop and Horse Tips Daily and enjoy listening to the hosts and learning from the guests.

You can even download the shows and take them with you to listen to on your daily commutes - I've done that many a time and there is no better way to feel connected to the horse world and get weekly updates.

So yes, it was l'il ol' me that he wanted to have on the show.

I'm so thrilled and honored - especially after I discovered that my segment is placed in between two very esteemed guests: Dr. Chris Newton, who speaks about dressage injuries, and Sue Kolstad, a senior judge who gives tips on what to do a if you miss the center line (who hasn't done that??). 

Just click on over to Episode #209 and check out the whole conversation. I'm somewhere in the middle!

Hoping you'll like what you hear. 

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