Photo Credit: NBanaszak Photography
Photo Credit: NBanaszak Photography

In celebration of the new year, and to thank you for your readership, we are giving away a single-page poster size (11"x17") of our Horse Listening 2013 Calendars to 10 lucky winners!

All you have to do is write the name of your favorite Horse Listening article.  Go here to our Archives Pages to find the (correct!) title of your favorite post, and copy and paste the title in the comment section below.

The giveaway is open to current readers as well as new readers (so tell your friends!). The randomly chosen winners will be announced on the morning of January 2nd. 

The calendars will be mailed shortly after the draw.

Good luck, and Happy Holidays!

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HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1


  1. LOVE your posts!!! everything you write helps so much, reinforces what my coach is trying to get through my thick, old, skull!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!!

  2. This was so helpful to me – I love all the articles, but, as a new horse rider, this one really helped me personally!!

  3. Ten Habits of Competent Riders:
    This was awesome and one of the first I read. It convinced me to join! So great to recognize what we all strive to be as riders! (Not to mention the rider our horses want) 😉

  4. “How Do You Develop “Feel” in Horseback Riding” is my favorite because it was what lead me to this site in the very beginning…I was seeking definitions of “feel”, to give words to this indescribable sense…. found exactly what I was needing and have returned for every article since, often passing your thoughts on to friends who find wisdom is the words. Thank you!

  5. The Ten Habits of Competent Riders was one of my favorites! I’ve printed it off, sent it as a message to myself on FB, and read over it frequently as encouragement when times got rough my 4 year old this summer. I needed all the moral support I could get for awhile there 🙂 Thanks so much for the words of wisdom!

  6. All of the articles I have seen are GRRREAT… I have been with horses since 1972, and still find great info on your site.. Thank you… Happy New Year…