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Dearest HL,

While we have the utmost respect for your incredible ability to manipulate your environment (mainly thanks to your opposable thumbs) and your unbeatable intelligence that rationalizes so many natural events in clearly explainable sound bytes, we were shaking our heads in disbelief when we heard that you were considering that the end of the world was neigh... err... nigh.

Although we are a seemingly quiet and complacent herd, we are nevertheless of good wit and sound mind, especially when it comes to the matters of nature.

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And so we were amused at your explanations and proofs about the Mayan calendar. We came up with hundreds of reasons why we KNEW the world would go on past December 21, 2012, but we amassed only the top eight for you below:

8. The birds were still fluttering about conducting their usual daily activities. Everybody knows that birds are on the up-and-up when there is danger ahead. The chattering of the birds in the trees around our paddock continued on as usual, with no sign of secret gatherings or distant flight plans.

7. We were looking forward to our next "midnight snack" [ed. note: that means their regular grain in the evening] and knew it is served like clockwork.

6. We still have goals to meet. Personally, I want to become more supple during my renvers and straighter through the flying changes. I love it when I get better at a new skill!

5. We knew the snowfall we were going to get was going to be nowhere near the Armageddon-like flood that was being predicted! When we smelled the air, the crisp freshness told us that we were going to get just enough snow to cover the ground so we could make our snow horse angels.

4. The horses in the neighbour's paddock had already invited us to a pre-Christmas bash for Saturday night.

3. We knew from our ancient texts that the sky caiman that is vomiting water is only being used in a symbolic manner. Your interpreters have made an error in their translations - rather than being a cause of major floods, we believe the ever-abundant water represents "plentitude".

2. When we studied the night sky, we could see that all the planets were in their expected locations and showed no tendencies to any abnormalities. We also received our meteor shower as per schedule last Thursday night, indicating that the astronomical rhythms continue in their customary serene beats.

1. More people are horse listening everywhere! Now THAT is a sure sign of continued existence!

With love, from your horse


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