... nominate Horse Listening for the 2013 Equestrian Social Media Awards? This is the first year that Horse Listening is eligible to participate in the nominations.

Nominations open December 10, 2013.


Updated December 11, 2012

Click here for the nominations page link. 

HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1


Scroll down to #17. But you might find you want to nominate many others too... there are a lot of categories.

Be sure to "sign" on the bottom of the page when you're done.

Here is a neat link to listen to the founder of the ESMAs (good background information, if you are interested in knowing more).

Chris Stafford Radio



If you are not familiar with these awards, here are a few details: 

esma 2013

The PagePlay Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs) were set up in December 2010 as a way of bringing together the global equestrian community through social media. They were initially designed to allow fans and followers of UK and Irish businesses, brands and professionals to shout about who they felt really flew the flag for the equestrian industry.

During 10 days, on the run-up to Christmas Eve 2010, people were asked to nominate their favourites in 15 categories. We received so many nominations that we split each category into two groups; A. UK/Ireland and B. International. In 10 days we received just under 4000 nominations. The top 10 within each category got through to the finals – which closed at 1pm GMT on Friday 18 Feb 2011.

The 181 finalists were announced on 13 January. They represented a range of equestrian sports, including racing; eventing, western, dressage, and show jumping.

The ESMAs are now a global affair with finalists representing from each continent!

The awards have featured in a number of equestrian industry and leisure magazines and on a multitude of prominent equestrian websites across the globe.

Now, in their third year, the ESMAs are recognized internationally as THE online award for equestrian pursuits. There are many categories - and blogging is just one. 

If you have enjoyed the content here on Horse Listening, and come back regularly to read the newest posts, would you consider nominating us in the blog category?

Judging criteria are as follows: 

Judges and members of the public are asked to use the following criteria:

• Innovation – are they thinking outside the box?
• Individual – is their content original?
• Inspiration – are you compelled to act, buy or share?
• Interaction – do they involve fans/followers and encourage discussions?
• Information – is it accurate, interesting and useful to their audience?

The final results are based on both the judges' and the public's voting. So the more nominations, the better!

If you do consider nominating, take a look through the categories list - you may have other sites you would want to nominate as well.

Horse Listening has moved from its meager beginnings last year to becoming a full-fledged website, newsletterstore and newspaper column. Horse Listening communities are also active on Facebook and Twitter, with daily comments, "likes" and "retweets" - all testament to your interest and encouragement. 

Aside from maintaining the blog content in the new year, I will be working on other projects as well. Keep an eye out! 

Thank you for your readership, comments and support over the past year. If you do nominate the blog, I thank you in advance for your kindness and consideration. 



  1. You aven’t provided a clear link for me to be able to vote. I don’t know which category to vote for. Some guidance would be useful.