Tongue-in-cheek, just-for-fun!

(OK admit it - how many of these have we all done at one time or another??)

Photo credit: NBanaszak Photography


Buy your friend's (unridden-for-the-last-few-years) horse -

that she never could ride and can no longer afford to keep.

Buy at a local auction.

HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1

Breed your unrideable mare.

Breed your mare to the neighbour's super-friendly-sweet-as-pie

(but when was he ridden the last time??) stallion.

Take the neighbour's (or anyone's) free hand-me-down horse

that hasn't been ridden in two years.

Buy your super horse sight unseen from a picture on the Internet.

Buy him after your rode him once under the best circumstances.

Listen to the now-your-best-friend coach (horse dealer) that you met last week.

Listen to the big-name-trainer who really just wants you to buy a horse for himself!

Find an ad on Craig'slist.

Do you have any other recommendations??!!


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  1. How about this NON recommendation: Buy a four year-old green-broke Arabian for your eight year-old daughter because your daughter thinks Arabians are pretty. It would be even better if you’ve never handled a horse before, too, but think the posters your daughter has on her wall are quite pretty, and look just like the horse you’re buying. (Clearly I’m joking in the same vein as this post, but I’ve actually had the parent of a student ask me why this would be a bad idea.)

  2. Craigslist can be hit or miss but it worked out for me. Also I have a friend who took on neighbors pasture horses and managed to do quite well with them. I suppose there is an exception to every rule. Generally good advice.

  3. Here’s another one……have absolutely no horse knowledge and buy a PMU or Mustang foal cause they are cute. Then, when they are wild as hell and unmanageable because you have no idea what you are doing, you can send it to a slaughter auction.