Beauty as-is

I could see their shimmering coats far away in the distance. The green field and the blazing sun gave them an ethereal appearance, glossy sheen blending in with the vivid colours of nature. The two horses lazily munched left and right in tandem, dancing to an unheard life rhythm, the sun glistening over their backs as they moved.

My eyes took in their powerful, muscled bodies which revealed their health and vitality. I wanted to reach out and feel the silky smooth coats of the horses, running my hands over the rises and falls over their backs. The smell of the foliage and trees overwhelmed my senses, sending my mind reeling with nature's own aromatherapy.

This moment of beauty burned deep into my psyche, contrasting sharply with the tension and anxiety I was harboring deep within. It washed out all negativity and beckoned me to release my life's woes even just briefly. Unknowing, the horses kept munching away, oblivious to my must-dos and must-haves, responsibilities and resentments. The simplicity of this life was a welcome alternate to the other reality. If only I could take lessons learned from here and transpose them there.

A deep sigh escaped my lips. Knowing I had barn chores left to complete, I tore my eyes away from the scene and grabbed for the wheelbarrow handles.

One Comment

  1. The moment did not have to end even when grabbing the wheelbarrow. The beauty resides with the fact that you did not have to question doing barn work or not. You just DID. That was living in the moment. You took it in and carried the feeling with you. Horses, riding ,re-shape your way of looking at life. There is beauty before us at all time if we are just willing to let it manifests itself. I am glad you are experiencing it