Just For Fun

Fun and interesting, these articles express the joy that is "horse". Read on to meet some of my own horses.

In Celebration of Canada Day: An au Canada "eh" to our international readers!

HL on The Dressage Radio Show?? Yes! Follow the link to hear me speak about 20 Ways Horse Riding Becomes Life Itself.

Eight Legs Plus Two: A poem.

HL Five Years
HL Bundle
HL Goal Setting
HL Book 3
HL Book 2
HL Book 1

Super Stoked to Be "Freshly Pressed": An honor from WordPress.

Top 6 Reasons Why Horse Lovers Love the Earth: Caring for and riding horses must be among the most earth-dependent activities left to us (aside from farming and other such activities).

Listening to Hoof Beats: A CD Especially for the Equestrian In You: Rarely do you find a music CD that is dedicated to horses and their people.

100,000 Thank Yous! In celebration for our first 100,000 blog views.

42 Ways to Learn, Play and Grow With Your Horse: Horses give to us in countless ways. We play, learn and grow with them, making horseback riding not merely a sport (which it truly is, like no other), but so much more.

5 Common Horse and Riding Myths: Do you regularly find yourself explaining/educating/justifying/rationalizing/defending your “horse habit”? Then this article is for you!

Luvin' the Reader Love! In my little world, there is only one thing almost as good as listening to horses – and that is reader love!

Ode to the Stretchy Trot: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

HL is an ESMA Top Ten Finalist! We were voted in and judged to be worthy of the Top ten Blogs of 2013!

Good Day For A Little Horseplay: Snort, snort, snort, SNORT! My gelding couldn't tell me in any clearer terms how much he was enjoying the moment.

The Roundup: Top 10 Horse Listening Articles of 2012: Highlights of the year and top posts by number of views.

The Night Before Christmas: A heartwarming barn version written by Doris Elradi.

Why the End of the World Didn't Happen - According to My Horse: Although we are a seemingly quiet and complacent herd, we are nevertheless of good wit and sound mind, especially when it comes to the matters of nature.

Horse Treats For Christmas: Bake these horse-approved treats for every equine in your barn!

New! Horse Listening Merchandise Now Available: Check out our new store with exclusive HL merchandise! 

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Living in Flying Changes: I wrote this short poem after a wonderfully exhilarating night ride.

10 Ways on How NOT to Buy Your Dream Horse! Tongue-in-cheek and just for fun! Helping future horse owners the world over!

Caught: A short piece of horsey fiction.

Announcing: Horse Listening the Column! Another step in the evolution of HL has come to fruition!

Moment of Beauty: Caught in the moment and recognizing it.

One Year Ago... : A first-year blog anniversary wrap-up and thank you.

Olympics On the Mind - A Personal Opinion: My thoughts just before the 2012 Olympics set underway.

14 Reasons to Love Horseback Riding: There must be hundreds of reasons why people enjoy horses and horseback riding. Here are fourteen.

Top 10 Annoying Riding Habits: Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek list coming from the opposite perspective – things NOT to do while riding!

Horseback Riders Do Nothing Anyway! Well, at least, that’s what “they” say. But we know differently, don’t we?

A Song and My Very Own Chestnut Mare: You will find me bristling at the suggestion that chestnut mares are unworthy.

An Ode to Kayla Queen - As She Turns 30: Happy 30th birthday, dear Kayla, the exhilarating horse with a never-ending zest for living!

The Top 8 Perks of Horse Keeping: Here are a few positives that keep us going when everyone else is enjoying their leisure time.

2012 Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Riding: Welcoming the New Year with some "notes to self"!

How To Have Fun on the Trails in the Middle of Winter: How can you have fun with your favourite equine in the middle of winter? Just head off into the bush, with careful step and controlled feels-like-she’s-gonna-explode-any-second excitement.

Because of Horses: What has changed in your life because of horses?

With Thanks to Hickstead: Hickstead was the little horse that could. In fact, he really could, better than any other horse in the world

A Recipe for Living: If life were a recipe, what would it look like?

Softly Determined - A Poem: I found this one on the Internet long ago, with no indication of the author. However, it has stayed with me, blending intensity with passion, being so eloquent and yet knowledgeable about the “path”.

Starting to Breathe Again: Written before Hickstead's untimely passing, this post described what it felt like to watch his $1 million CN International winning round.

Ask 25 Horse People One Question...: ... and get 25 different answers! What to do with all the opinions out there.


Showing can be exhilarating and challenging at the same time. The following articles discuss show-related tips and topics.

Five Secrets to Winning at the Horse Show: The fun part about winning is that winning isn't everything!

Top 6 Ways to Ramp It Up For Show Season: Preparing for the show season may not be as easy as it looks. There are many aspects that go into getting to the show ring, and even more that need to be done before you even set your first trailer tires onto the road.

Be Productive With Your Nervous Energy at the Horse Show: The tension that builds in you during the warm-up ride can be very useful if you know what to do with it.

Do You Have the "X Factor" at the Horse Show? Finding your “X Factor” at the show is not an easy feat. So many things must fall together all at the same time.

Is Dressage Judging All That Bad? A personal essay on the pros and cons of dressage judging.

So Ya Think Ya Got Something to Prove? Then don’t go to the show. Seriously.