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How Do You Know Your Horse is Using His Back?

Here is our newest guest post! Lindsay Day, registered equine massage therapist, felt that this article would be beneficial for her particular line of work:

"I am thrilled to have Kathy from Horse Listening as our FIRST guest blogger here on EQ! 

When the horse is using their back properly the large longissimus muscle, which runs along the length of the back, contracts in a wave-like pattern as the horse transfers impulsion from the hind-end across the back. In a state of complete contraction the longissimus has the action of hollowing the back – preventing the horse from really being able step under themselves and engage the hind-end. In this post Kathy talks about feeling the difference as a rider, and why it matters to your horse."

Are You Training Your Horse While Grooming or is He Training You? 

We're excited to present our new guest post written exclusively for Ecoliscious Equestrian, suppliers of natural horse care and grooming products! Please pop over to their website to read all about training your horse while grooming.

"You know that in EcoLicious Equestrian we’re all about grooming. And it’s not just about products. Did you know that grooming time is a great way to establish a tone for things to come? I am very excited to share with you the below guest  post by Horse Listening. I’ve been enjoying this insightful blog for a while now and highly recommend it, so make sure to stop by and check it out."

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Zen and the Art of Grooming

Horse Listening was invited to do a guest post on - read to see our “listening” twist to grooming (and lost more good info on the site too)!

Guest bloggers on HL

Which Pasture Plants Are Dangerous for Horses? by Hayley and Rebecca from Anything Equine, this informative article covers many different types of plants. Pictures included.

Ten Truths of Equestrianism - Reblog from @SnarkyRider, by Quill: Are you really fit for horse ownership?

Little Known Qualities of Great Farriers, by K. Arbuckle, professional farrier: The farrier, though required to scientifically balance and shoe a horse, is an artist working with a living canvas.

Scoring the Hunter Round, by L. Kelland-May, senior judge: Have you always wondered how the hunter class is judged? Read it here straight from the judge's perspective!

Enjoys Being Brushed! by SnarkyRider: Read this hilarious take on a sales ad from craig'slist.


  1. Snarky Rider spends most IX her time degrading average horse owners.As I stood up to her degrading a beautiful paint mare. This woman was just trying to find.a.good) home.for her mate as she could not afford hay for this mare
    Honestly snarky rider do you care about horses or rich people who own horses and van afford to teach them about horses?

  2. Hi there, I just wanted to say I love the articles that you post and I post them on FB so that my clients and students can read all the time. I have been looking for someone that wrote a very good article how when heather is cold o its raining doesnt mean you abandon your horse for days on end. I had this happen before and people dont realize that your horse doesnt just need to see their owner or lease rider only to ride and go home. I wanted and looked for a great article on how its about care and maintenace riding wont make your horse look good is the time spent with them. I think that you write great and I am sure if you had time you could write something quite clever!