I've been working on my writing the past few days. The following short piece was inspired by a writing "practice" (find it here) - basically, the idea is to write about anything for fifteen minutes. So that is what I did. I wrote just whatever came to mind. Of course, you will notice there is a horse theme to it, but the result is very different from what I usually write on this blog.

I know the ideas are not developed at all, but I thought I'd post it here and see what you think of it. I'd be interested in your comments!


Looking deeply into her eyes, I could see the trail of contentment that led into her innermost being. She looked intently at me, piercing gaze drifting deep within my soul, challenging me with new thoughts and ideas that weren’t my own.

“Why can’t we all get along?” was her first question.

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I looked at her blankly, unsure of what to say.

Should I tell her about the separation of ideologies, the drifting apart of social norms that cast their members into straight jackets bent on stifling thought and action and connection?

Should I elaborate on the division of countries, of conflict, strife and ultimately, war?

Need I discuss the value of the dollar – the ultimate currency that slowly has transformed into a symbol of the very life we cherish, admire and grasp tightly to our chest?

Or should I mention the angst-ridden routine of everyday life, waking, working, watching television, sleeping, then waking to resume once again?

She shook her head and snorted, her gaze leaving mine.

My answers were left to ruminate over for another day.

Turning away, idling along, she took one last sideways look at me, and slowly headed off to the green grass of the pasture.


  1. Loved it! I enjoy all of your posts, keep up the FANTASTIC work! May the horse be with you.

  2. This post of yours, reminds me that horses, just by standing with us and sharing unspoken thoughts, help us to keep things simple, to calm down, take a deep breath (just the way THEY do), and put things into proportion for a little while, anyway. The more horse-visits we have, the more things seem to stay in proportion. In my opinion. This is the way it worked for me with my Anglo-arab who was so tuned in to people.

    1. Thanks, Patricia. My first idea for this piece is the contrast of our sometimes convoluted world versus the simplicity of the horse’s world. Thanks for your interpretation.

  3. It is so wonderful to have our horse friends as sounding boards. I love and enjoy my daily conversations with them, always simple and to the point. Not all points are simple in the human mind and world. This practice piece of writing seems to me much like the chore of clearing the clutter so you can get down to cleaning. Often that’s what the first 15 or 30 minutes of writing is about. Then it’s off to the greener pastures of prose somewhere on the other side. The pic portrays that well.