Annahi performing a dressage demonstration

When I first heard this song by Marie-Lynn Hammond, I found there was so many things I could relate to that I contacted her to let her know how much I enjoyed the song. I have had my very own chestnut mare for 13 years now - and enjoyed every minute of it.

I would say that some of the myths about chestnut mares do hold true for Annahi. She is sensitive-skinned like they say. In fact, she is sensitive all around, and you can probably identify that through the fine muzzle and face that she has. But once I recognized that she is  a "princess" in every sense of the term, and requires the dues that all dignitaries receive, we've been on the right track and never looked back. Over the years, she has taught me so much, and has given as much as any horse should and even more! 

Other "chestnut mare" myths did not match any of my experiences with Annahi. She isn't "marish" like they say chestnut mares are. Although she did challenge me to improve myself fairly quickly over the first two years, she settled into becoming the horse that you can trust your life to. This is the horse that can go bridleless at all gaits including canter to halt, or for a full-out gallop (WITH bridle this time!) in the "back 40" among a herd of loose running horses without a thought to your own safety.

In any conversation that disrespects chestnut horses (mare or otherwise), you will find me bristle at the suggestion that they are unworthy. My experience dictates otherwise - it's up to the horse owner/rider to reach out to that sensitivity and learn to listen!

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So here is the song. I was excited to find out that Marie-Lynn kindly used one of my photos for the music video - we are at the very, very end. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! This song is very much about a real little chestnut mare named Penny, a Quarter Horse – Trakehner cross, who has mellowed out somewhat now that she’s 18. But she did everything in the song and more (both good and bad!) when she first came into my life. Of course there are many, many chestnut mares out there that don’t fit the stereotype. 🙂

    I’m still learning about how to put videos like this together — and it’s a challenge when you don’t want to simply “borrow” pics off websites w/o permission. But there will be more coming as I’ve got 10 more original horse songs either recorded or in the works for a new CD, including one about dressage called “Flying Changes.” Stay tuned!

  2. I have a chestnut gelding who is every bit the red head, and I wouldn’t change him one bit! Of course, so am I so it seems to work for us….we “get” each other 🙂