~ Riding into 2012 ~

10. Use your outside rein (do your best to keep the horse "straight").

9. Follow the horse's back with your back (ride "in" the movement).

8. Refine your aids - hands, legs, seat, weight.

7. Video your rides and analyze.

6. Set realistic goals (small and achievable).

5. Ride regularly.

4. Lesson regularly.

3. Ride in and/or audit clinics.

2. Read, read and read some more.


* Do you have any other New Year's riding resolutions? Comment below! *


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  1. These are all great!

    Here’s another resolution I’m making: Remember to BREATHE! Sometimes we get so focused, concentrating so hard on trying to fix something in our position or the horse’s way of going that we literally hold our breath, which means we hold in tension. And the horse feels that! So exhale, let those shoulders drop, and when you take your in-breath, take it from deep inside you, like a yoga breath, rather than a shallow breath from the upper body only. Works for me — when I remember, that is!

  2. Love this list! Amazing things happen when the horse is straight and can move relaxed in his back. And the power of video – even if it’s just to remind yourself how far you have come after a not so inspired ride – can’t be underestimated.

    Just want to say thanks for your articles and your info. Sometimes it seems like you must be spying on my conversations between me and my trainer! We’ll discuss a topic and then a week later – you have a post about the same issue. Love it! Appreciate your efforts.