What is so great about the Internet? The many web sites that are available for Horse Listeners to peruse and ruminate over! We accumulate monthly links to sites deemed especially Horse Listening friendly, in order to provide you with a few "tried and true" links. These sites have distinguished themselves by contributing something special in their own way to the accumulated knowledge on the Internet. Please visit the sites and enjoy them for their unique perspectives on horses and riding. 

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School Your Horse

Get Your Horse Connected, by Lorraine Jennings

I've worked with horses all my life. I'm a groom and a writer of equestrian articles. I've written for Pony, Horse and Rider, Ireland's Horse and Pony and Equestrian Life. Now I'm writing a book - School Your Horse - there's more than one way.

Look to School Your Horse for accurate and in-depth information about all things riding from a dressage perspective. Lorraine tackles common issues that you might run across, and her insight would be beneficial to all disciplines of riding. In the featured post above, "Get Your Horse Connected," Lorraine goes through several essential building blocks that are required to keep your horse working correctly in order to be able to carry the rider in a comfortable manner.
But don't stop there!  The web site is loaded with so many useful posts that you can probably find many posts that will be directly beneficial to you and your horse! Additionally, Lorraine puts it all into no-nonsense, easy to follow language that takes the mystery out of the more complicated concepts of riding. Enjoy!

Professional Equine Grooms

Why do we have this website?  To educate anyone who wants to learn about what it takes to become a Professional Equine Groom.  To further the educations of Professional Equine Grooms. To share ideas, dilemmas, and concerns.  To come together as a community, to unify the job across all disciplines, and create a foundation of respect within the horse world.
You may think you don't need grooming advice (really - how much is there to grooming anyway? (- JUST KIDDING!!) but Liv, the owner of the website, has accumulated so much useful information here that once you start browsing, you won't be able to stop! Find information about  pulling off a loose shoe, feeding grain and cleaning saddle pads. Best of all, you can find a guest post by yours truly about Zen and the Art of Grooming  from a Horse Listening perspective! 🙂

The Intentional Horse

Riding Right Starts With the Horse's Back

Kay is an internationally known Bio-Nutritional Consultant and Photopuncture Educator specializing in alternative health and nutrition approaches for horses and pets.   As the Owner and Director of Grand Adventures Ranch – Holistic Equine Wellness Center, she has developed therapeutic programs for horses afflicted with a wide variety of metabolic problems and protocols for assisting people to bring their equine partners back into Optimal Wellness.
Stacey Kollman is a Tucson, Arizona, horse and rider biomechanics coach and horse rehabilitation expert whose work centers on helping horses live healthy and happy lives. She accomplishes this through innovative education programs, challenging horse owners to discover new levels of awareness, connection and responsibility.
Go to The Intentional Horse to find information about alternative therapies and holistic nutrition. With contributions from professionals in the field, you will find everything from nutritional supplementation to how to develop a partnership with your horse in unmounted activities. The featured article above explains the importance of developing the range of motion of the horse's back.
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