Hickstead was the little horse that could. In fact, he really could, better than any other horse in the world. Although he stood 16h, and was one of the smaller competitors on the circuit, you wouldn't know it by the way he cleared the highest jumps with room to spare. He became a giant in his field, and captured the imagination of many far and wide.

He catapulted his rider, Eric Lamaze to the highest heights literally and figuratively, and propelled Canadian show jumping to the world stage once again. We witnessed their accomplishments with the type of awe that is reserved especially for the few and far between.

For horse fans, November 6, 2011 will be one of those "where were you when..." moments. Hickstead's tragic passing marked the end of an era that will now become the stuff of legends.

On the home front, Hickstead's story makes us all stop and listen - to the horses munching on their hay, to the nickers and squeals, even to the bucks and tail swishes - and reminds us that each moment with our very own equine champion is precious and to be cherished.

Thank you, Hickstead, for sparking the imagination of a generation and for giving it your all.

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  1. HI. i followed your link on Twitter. I’ve been enjoying your blog. Then I also followed your link to Marie-Lynn Hammond and thoroughly enjoyed The Little Chestnut Mare. Your blog is great. I haven’t done much with my blogs lately, but I’m always looking for pictures for my favorite blog. It exists only to post horse pix. It’s http://www.BeautyofHorses.com. I haven’t made any entries for some time, being as busy as I’ve been with my http://www.DressYourHorse.com site. But I would love it if you could contribute a picture of a lovely horse. Feel free to fully reference and link it if you like. See what you think.

    Great blog. Best to you! Heidi