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Enjoys being brushed!

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Appaloosa Colt – $300

For sale is a stud colt, approximately 16 months old. Enjoys being brushed. I do not believe he is a tri color, but his tail does have brown in it, and his sports are black and brown. He trailers easy and gets along with the other yearlings as well as the older gelding in my pasture. He is a beautiful horse and should turn out to be a valuable one, but due to financial situations, I am putting him up for sale. Make an offer. After my current riding horses’ training is complete, I will begin working with him, and the price will increase accordingly, or I will keep him for myself. He has his current coggins, and has had vaccinations as of July 1, 2011.

He is halter broke, and we are working on leading, but he probably only gets 15 minutes of practice every other day.

Woohoo!  I finally found him!  I cannot tell you how long I’ve been looking for a horse that enjoys being brushed!  And a stud, no less. Hopefully he’ll pass that on to his foals.  Those babies will sell like hotcakes!!  Well, just as long as he doesn’t pass along the mile-long back, crappy hips, upside down neck and cow hocks too.  But what are the odds of that?

Seriously, craigslist is chock full of winners.  Someone needs to inform his owner that the fact that his “sports” are black AND brown does not mean he’s a valuable horse and that no amount of training will ever turn a $300 yearling into something that deserves to keep his balls.  EVER.  All aboard the gelding train!  Choo choo!

Side note: When I showed this ad to Jumper Girl, she immediately started hitting her head against a wall.  Literally.  While moaning.  It was awesome. ;)


  1. If you were really conceened about this appaloosa you would have contacted the owner and explained why he was not stallion material. Instead you and who ever just made fun of the horse. Who are you fooling? You are more interested in making fun of people than you ate horse welfare.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for your comments.

      I can see the SnarkyRider reblogs are bothering you. Their website is based on being sarcastic. It isn’t anything personal. You can read their explanation of what they do here:

      Having said that, this is my blog and the comment policy here is that there are no personal attacks on anyone. Therefore, your other comments have been deleted as they do not promote discussion.

      I hope you understand. Thanks so much for reading.