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Yeeehaawww Wowee Zowee Zip-de-dee-doo-dah Supercalifragilistic  (OK maybe not the last one)


In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm celebrating with my silly little spinning-round-and-round happy dance in the middle of my living room because...


We were basically voted in and judged to be worthy of the Top ten Blogs of the Year! All of it is thanks to you, dear reader, for your support and comments and little spur nudges in the right direction.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMAs), it is a global award system for equestrian websites across the Internet. There are 34 categories of web sites that are being judged - only one site will be decided as the winner of each category. As of today, the Top Ten sites in each category have been announced.

There were 10,016 nominations made from over 90 countries and over 2,000 nominees overall in the 34 categories! Imagine trying to sort through all the nominations and coming up with 10 finalists in each category!

The winners will be decided by both a voting and judging system. Votes will count toward 25% of the final decision, and judging by expert panelists will contribute the remaining 75%. 

So now, I need to ask just one more favor from you.

Would you mind going to this page and scroll down to Category 17, and click on that little round button beside Horse Listening?

I know there are nine other outstanding blogs there that make us look like the newbies we are, but I'm hoping you'll consider sticking with us just one more time! While you're there, be sure to go through the other categories - you'll find many other influential sites that are worthy of your votes too.

Well, thank you thank you thank you for your readership, and for your votes to get us in the Top Ten! I'm feeling very flattered, grateful, privileged and honored to be in this position.  


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