These exercises are included in the Practice Sessions to help you find ways to enhance the quality of your horse's movement and gaits. They are intentionally short and to the point, so you can use them at the beginning of your ride (for warm-up), in the middle of the ride (for a break and a chance for you to do something while your horse catches his breath) or at the end (as an excellent way to cool down). 

They should be practiced repeatedly. They are not one-offs so after you've gone through the motions, you're done. Instead, include them in your rides day after day, changing them every so often, so that your horse (and you!) have plenty of repetition and opportunity to get better as time goes on. As the list of exercises grows here, pick the ones that you need the most at this moment in time.

Just click on each title to download to your computer or device. 


  1. Free Walk/Medium Walk/Free Walk
  2. Change of Gait To Improve Impulsion
  3. Immobile Halt
  4. How To Begin The Half-Halt
  5. Bend/Straight/Counterbend