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Need tried and true ideas for your coaching lessons?

Want to put some pizzazz into your rides between lessons?

Don't have an instructor but wish you could have

professional guidance?

Horse Listening Practice Sessions are just

the extra boost you need

to take your riding to the next level!

Easy to read, memorize and try!

As a certified Equine Canada coach, I've spent over 20 years teaching literally hundreds of people how to improve their riding skills and develop better communication and harmony with their horses. Now, I want to bring this experience right to your barn!

These Practice Sessions are my way of "virtually" coming to your barn and teaching you, just as if I was in your local area. Tested and proven by riders of varying skill levels riding different horse types. You can be sure that they provide the guidance needed to progress.

What Is A Practice Session?

The Practice Sessions are Modules of many exercises that work together to develop one major aspect of riding. The are currently two modules, "Focus On Transitions" and "Suppleness." There will be more Modules in the future, each dedicated to other significant concepts in riding horses.

The Practice Sessions are rooted in dressage techniques and terminology but are suited to all disciplines and horse breeds. They are simply good basic riding skills and techniques that transcend style and saddle type.

What Is Included In A Module?

  • Progressively challenging exercises dedicated to improving the Module Focus (easy lessons first!)
  • Downloadable Exercise Diagram for each lesson
  • Whiteboard Analysis Video: If I were going to teach you in person, I'd draw the exercise in the sand to show you the specific details we want to achieve. In this Whiteboard Analysis, I'll give you the exact same guidance through a detailed diagrammatic breakdown of each part of the exercise as well as common errors and corrections.

There's more! Each Module comes with bonus features designed to give you additional details and guidance for both yourself as the rider, and your horse!


Aids and Skills Guidance

Each Practice Session will have a detailed breakdown of any aids and specific skills needed for the exercises in the Module.


Resource Links

Just click for more information! Each Practice Session will have a compilation of resource articles that are relevant to the Module. You won't have to go searching through the blog for any clarification or more understanding - it will all be here for easy access!


Weekly Submissions

At the end of each lesson, there will be a writing prompt designed to guide you in your understanding and application of the exercises. Write about what you learned, and any challenges you are working through, and submit it.

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*Special Note To Coaches

Dear coach, 

These Practice Sessions are pre-made to fit easily and effectively into your regular dressage, flat or western lessons. They come complete with defined goals, detailed explanations of the aids, and printable exercises. Your membership gives you the right to personally print off and use all of the images and ideas with your students. However, if your students would like their own copies, please encourage them to get their own membership. Thank you!


  1. Thankyou again for your timely posts !! Working with an older horse, a novice rider & a horse so ready to move up in ability & knowledge! This is such a good reminder & verification of present work !!

  2. I also tried to subscribe but not sure it went through, it just went blank & I haven’t received a conformation. Can you check please? Thank you.

      1. Hi Alice, I don’t see anyone by the name of Alice on my list. Can you try again? I fixed it (I think). So you should get an email notifying you that you subscribed now. Please let me know if you don’t get that email.

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