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It is the mission of this site to provide high-quality free content and daily thought-provoking information for any horseperson who is seeking self-improvement for the sake of the horse.

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Some statistics

To date, we have 6,000+ followers on the blog, 17,524 likes on Facebook, 2,988 followers on Twitter, and 4,367 on Feedburner. This totals 30,879 blog followers! You will get exposure to many caring, thoughtful and genuine readers.

With over 50,000 page views per month and over 2,500 daily (with some days exceeding 4,000), your message will be seen by readers who expect only the very best in a blog.

Readers are mainly women 35 years old and up, but there are also many men as well as teenagers who enjoy the site. They are people who are passionately involved in horses - whether riding, horse keeping, taking lessons or thinking about how riding relates to life itself. They come from all the riding disciplines because the information presented on the blog appeals to multiple riding styles. The site appeals to readers from around the world.

Kathy Farrokhzad is the writer and owner of the blog, as well as several Horse Listening books. Her depth of experience and exceptional ability to simplify often complex skills and ideas in horse riding have resulted in making this blog one of the go-to resources for educational articles on the Internet. 

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