3d Book 2Horse Listening - Book 2: Forward and Round To Training Success is available in both paperback and digital versions.

This book is for riders who want to develop their riding and training skills - all for the benefit of the horse. This book is comprised of the best of the training and riding articles from the blog.

With a 4.8 out of 5 star Amazon rating, Horse Listening – Book 2 has received great reader reviews and praise.

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What readers are saying:

Great book- after a confusing lesson or training session I pull out this book to get some insight on what was or wasn't going on in my riding. This book is written with clear instructions and rational for how and why certain methods work or don't work.

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– Emily P. Marsh 

Great ideas and tips for any level of riding. This book is very helpful for all and any age riders.

– Anne B.


So well written in a way that the theory and application are easy to understand.

– Wendy L. Herr


 More details about Book 2

Horse Listening - Book 2: Forward and Round to Training Success provides practical and theoretical suggestions to improve the training of both the rider and the horse. Compiled from the articles of the popular blog, Horse Listening, this book explains fundamental concepts and skills such as: 
 - contact 
- rider position and aids 
- developing suppleness in both horse and rider 
- communicating effectively with the horse 
- bends, turns and half-halts

Over 40 chapters on the most fundamental aspects of training the horse and rider have been collated according to three themes, and prepared in a tidy, all-in-one package for quick and efficient reading (or alternatively – long, thoughtful perusing of deep and meaningful concepts)!

You’ll get 236 pages of information on the basics as well as more advanced concepts of how to train the horse and rider. Best of all, there are many practical, ready-to-use exercises designed to help you keep your horse happy, healthy and athletic in his work.

The first section of this book, The Theory – Forward and Round is directly focused on everything I have written about the concept of “forward and round”. Filled with ideas about how to achieve impulsion and energy, these articles give you some background into the why as well as the how of some of the basic exercises and understandings needed to create the type of energy we need.

In Section 2, The Skill – Rider Development, we consider many aspects of rider training. From the initial concept of contact, to the use of the seat, rein and leg aids – this section is devoted to rider improvement and awareness. The end of this section goes deeper into philosophies and practical techniques that can inform better all-around horsemanship.

The third section, The Training – Getting Deeper Into the Basics, outlines many exercises that you can use in developing your horse’s basic skills. From turning, to bends, neck reins, transitions and suppleness, these ideas are designed to give you some exercises to practice while riding in the ring. Many are somehow connected to the concept of riding forward and round, whether by increasing energy or inside hind leg engagement.

As with all Horse Listening material, the purpose is to help the rider improve so that the horse can benefit.

Wonderfully positive; all about the horse's welfare type book with good descriptive phrases to encourage even the novice dressage enthusiast to improve!
Well done!

- Gail Meehan Ransom


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Horse Listening – The Book: Stepping Forward to Effective Riding is available in both digital and print (paperback) versions.

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  1. I have book 1 and the last half is wonderful for a more experienced rider. I need MORE please. So I have ordered book 2. It sounds like you should have titled it “the Holy Back”. I firmly believe that if you have the back you have the horse. Can’t wait for the “read”. Thank you for putting such important details into simple language. The added bonus of the exercises fills the whole picture out. THANK YOU.