The Practice Sessions have been designed with you, the rider in mind. They can guide you with structured, purposeful exercises that will help you and your horse achieve specific goals.

However, there may be times when you want just a little more personal attention.

While I cannot come physically to your barn, I can give you quite a lot of feedback through remote coaching. I accept a limited number of remote coaching students each month.

  • Private, one-on-one chats - through text (Facebook Messaging) or on the phone or live video using WhatsApp. You will have to have either Facebook or WhatsApp set up on your phone or computer already before booking the remote coaching appointment.
  • Video feedback: I will watch and comment on any videos you send me (through Facebook Messaging) while we are talking live.
  • You can ask any specific questions about your particular challenges.
  • We can goal set - short term and long term.
  • One session (specific problem) or multiple sessions (ongoing feedback).

More information:

You must be a Practice Sessions member to purchase Remote Coaching sessions.

Remote coaching sessions are booked 30 minutes at a time. Time is counted based on when we log in and log out of the conversation. If the conversation takes less than 30 minutes, we can reconnect at a later date until the time is completed.

Each remote coaching session must be used up within one month of purchase.

Future remote coaching time can be purchased 30 minutes at a time. Cost is only $39.99.

Purchase here.