She knows communication is a two-way street and listens as often as she speaks.

She clearly reads your nonverbal body language.

She knows how to follow effectively but can also lead along with the best of them.

drift out
Photo Credit: NBanaszak Photography

Because of Riding

She can weave through heavy traffic with the precision of knowing exactly which wheel is where in a given moment.

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She knows just when to ask a little more and when she should back off.

She organizes her time effectively and multitasks like a pro!

She is a life-long learner.

At the Show

Because of Showing

She can break down seemingly impossible responsibilities into small manageable steps.



She does her "homework" knowing that the extra effort usually pays off.

She perseveres especially when things get difficult.

Because of Horses

She knows when it's time to say goodbye.


What have horses taught you?

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  1. Because of horses, she knows that bullying will get you nowhere in the end.

    Because of horses, she knows about the Zen of staying in the moment, because that’s where horses, and all animals, live.

    Because of horses, she knows that animals are not “just” animals; they all know and feel emotions too and should be treated with respect and love.

    Because of horses, she has chosen not to eat animals.

  2. Because of horses, I can drag myself out of bed in the morning!

    Because of horses, I can maintain a tight budget, with something always put aside for a rainy (usually veterinary) day.

    Because of horses, I’ve developed the weather monitoring skills to time a feed run so precisely that I’m back inside before a storm hits….

    Horses have been such a big part of my life for so long. There are many things about myself personally, the way I live my life, the friends I have, etc that are “because of horses”.

    And to think my parents thought it was a phase…

  3. Because of horses, I know that getting frustrated is not going to get me anywhere. It’s best to stay calm.

    Because of horses, I know that nothing can be achieved without a lot of work and communication

    1. I like that and can I dentify with you Harley! I utilize this kind of information to sharpen my skill in the world around me too.

      In retrospect, everything I have been taught by my mentor about how to achieve success in horses made apsolutely no sence at the time. I am trying to dig deep for self discovery on why I had that block. Realizing alot of good stuff from this experience, but the most powerful thought change was, the answer is self discovery to find out why I could not “fix” my issue of what seems like an easy thing to do; Clearly the horse had to be woken up in some way; never did go abusive. She opened the door for learning how to handle intense emotions by holding them and learning I don’t have to operate on that level. My solution was to cry then eventually leave the dressage arena.

      This has come up now in my life. Instead of fleeing during confusion I can access the situaltion, relate what difficult feeling I have come to have to reason why I am fleeing, Taking Kaos and cornering it with information I have gathered over the years from all parts of my life.

      Unfortunaly, self-discovery is the humility to accept and analyze each experience in life. Choosing to be scrutinized with a fine comb is not appealing to me personally. My reward is clearity of mind, my result is the openness to think differently, even when I get bucked off! etc.

      Trying must be first on the list to adapting to the situation; and horses evolve all the time. To make it even more difficult we evolve all the time. I am now opening my eyes to, learning to evolve along with my sitsuation. Wow….There is only self-descovery in that to find the humility to wait for harmony between the two. Now that is god’s timing. In order for evolving to work for two human beings they Must try their hardest to go deep and find their truth. What behaviors they want to throw out about themselves. Keep doing it until your adequit amount of peace is captured and their is room to store it for reference. Referenceing bad material leads to bad results. Being “decided” on what in you promotes being clear, consise and focused will bring happiness in your life. Stay there in that thought process. Being gental with yourself and others, hold onto those guidelines for yourself, you want growth, but not to abolish everyone! Slowly, consistantly the real you will break through and now a gentle heart and an open mind will listen and accept without hinderence.

      It’s giving love and recieving love, time, willingness, organization of your life and maintence of belief in yourself.

  4. because of horses:

    i’ve learned to stay calm and maintain composure in potentially stressful situations!

    i’ve learned to quickly make smart decisions and not look back or second guess

    i’ve learned to not take things so seriously, and realize that progress may take a long time

    i’m reassured that being fair, honest, and valuing compromise and communication are important in the long run, even when it seems like the people who cut corners are the ones who get ahead!

  5. With patience and respect we can accomplish activities together and we can both feel the bond and recognize the success.